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Desc:It's like the game was designed and made by interns.
Tags:shit, bioware, mass effect, EA, electronic arts
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 19
Literally written by fan fiction authors.
I'll torrent it out of morbid curiosity
I remember the devs mentioning that one of their tricks to reducing the uncanny valley vibe with Mass Effect 1 (and assuming all games using that engine going forward) was to add minute eye movements to characters as there would be in real life.

With this game they decided to turn that feature up to 11 and I cant stop noticing the jerky eye spasms they keep having.
Human eyes do change frequently. Pupils will subtly change shape. Specular highlights around the eyes, eyelids, etc. will change shape as the skin stretches. Our brains can spot and pick up on these subtle changes so doing closeups on these models is dangerous if they are claiming there's something next-gen about them.

But what is really fucked about these eyes is they are flat. There are tricks to add some depth to the eyes that modelers and riggers have used for 20 years but they didn't bother using.

But meh, it's a game so who cares.

The two chief problems with the facial stuff in this game seems to be that, for some reason, the engine is not rendering shadows from eyelids and the eyes were made extremely glossy with no shaders or lighting effects to compensate for reflecting/absorbing nearby light sources, so they literally appear as if made from glass or plastic. That seems like something fixable in a setting somewhere, I would imagine.

Still no cure for fetal alcohol syndrome, I see...
You know, I was really looking forward to this game. Now I kind of wish they would have let sleeping dogs lie after they pissed everyone off with the ending of ME3.

Bioware games have always had bad animations but this one actually seems worse.
Someone, clue me in as to why this game is supposed to be more stupid than any other. Every game is like this to me, you're just supposed to skip it.
It's a highly anticipated game from a super popular franchise. So naturally the internet is eagerly hateful toward it.

Talking to people who have played it its not bad. Some of the animations leave much to be desired but there isn't anything that keeps it from being enjoyable.

But I don't understand what is supposed to be particularly bad about this clip either.

People who love to be mad red and nude about video games are especially, obsessively made red and nude about Bioware games. It's possible they just remember them as being better than they were. They've already picked out a random female Bioware employee to start stalking and harassing and accusing of using sex to get hired to ruin the new game (which, as we know, is developed by one individual with unlimited time and resources).

BioWare has always made buggy games. The vast majority of their fans don't care. People play these games and forgive the glitches because 95% of the game is well crafted.

Recently, A woman was put in charge of Bioware. I'm guessing that's adding fuel to the fire.

Early reports point to the game being poorly written and filled with generic fetch quests to fill up that open world exploration mode they've switched the series to

There's been a definite decline in writing quality in Bioware games for the last 13 or so years. KotOR 2 was their last good "serious" game, and Jade Empire was decent because the whole thing knew it was silly (the sequence with John Cleese is amazing).

Mass Effect started "eh" and only got worse.

Nobody needed to fuck Talia

Nobody needed to fuck Wrex

What's that saying that a genre is dead as soon as the parodies show up? Nobody should have made any more Mass Effect games after Saints Row IV.

My father is dead. *grin*

It's like the Room in space!
I watched GiantBomb's 2 hour stream and I kept thinking "these characters make all the same facial expressions as Tommy Wiseau." I too started thinking of it as the Room in space.

The environments look great though.

Tough American Bouncer
Designed and made by interns or by a company that puts diversity as top priority in the recruitment?

In the bouncing world this kind of stuff wouldn't fly. You either can do a head lock or you can't and sometimes your best friend gets knifed just like in the Road House.
You're about 6 years too late for this shtick.

Caminante Nocturno
Oh my god, what's wrong with your face?
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