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Desc:America is now a Monty Python sketch, and there is no proper punchline to end the hilarious horror
Category:News & Politics
Tags:donald trump, Meals on wheels, time to wake up, why cant I wake up
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Video only plays for five seconds before my browser asks if I still have an internet connection, here are all my stars for evil.
http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/16/politics/mick-mulvaney-budget-defens e-memorable-lines/

I'm hoping this is the same video clip.

"There's no evidence that kids NOT starving leads to improved school performance!"

Holy fucking shit. I'm going to have to avoid every single family get together from now on because fuck me no way could I hold back from exploding the instant one of them starts spouting off Fox News backed support for this shit.

Being hungry will make them hungry for better grades! And they'll be able to feed themselves with the better jobs they get if they make it to 18!

There isn't a shank rusty enough to be satisfying to stab this jackhole in his asshole with.

All they will need to become a good businessman like trump is a small loan of a million dollars that they will have to slowly and painstakingly pay back over the rest of their adult lives, ensuring america's banks are the strongest in the world.

On the other hand, at least we don't have BEELZEBITCH in power, being all schoolmarmy as she talks about the importance of good schools and properly-fed students. That's a point on which the Left and Right can agree.
Did we have an idiot on here ranting about how trump would be better than Clinton because it would get bad enough to teach the American electorate to vote leftist and/or one liberal that still wanted trump over Hilary because Hilary was so evil, or was all that stupidity on boenews?

Yes, it was on here.

I called them, and people like Sarandon, idiots, and said that their much anticipated accelerationism would lead to a lot of people who weren't calling for it winding up dead to pay their price by the time Trump was finished.

"Just Bobonne being Bobonne."

Yup, it was here, and it was a perfectly matching Venn diagram of Bernie busters and people who come up with clever Hillary names.

All of them at some point had mocked the Ayn Rand cult, not realizing that their "let the world burn just so the survivors come crawling admitting that I was right" stance was pure Galt.

Oscar Wildcat
It's an understandable position, but unrealistic. There is an old truism about alcoholism that you have to hit rock bottom to change. It's a long way down. Places like North Korea show just how deep that hole is, and how seemingly little effect it has on the psyches of those being abused.

That said, it's remarkable how much of this budget cutting hurts Trump's supporters. I don't see this as an entirely bad thing. This is what they voted for, and now Trump is delivering on his promises. Elections have consequences. We'll see who can weather the lack of federal support better. We played this game a few short years ago with the government shutdown. We all remember how that ended. Time to play again with higher stakes.

Some friends were visiting us over the summer and this subject came up. I made a comment wondering about how people who were so dependent of the Federal government could have such a visceral hatred of it. Friend laughed, and said "Oscar, you've not had children". Instant enlightenment for me.

William Burns

Maybe you guys should stop blaming progressives and people with no power for this mess, seeing as how Hillary did win the popular vote. Progressives aren't the problem AT ALL here. This is a case of shooting the messenger.

You can't stand hearing that you let the country down and let this happen, can you.

lol bort you're so fucking dumb

Ha ha, I didn't want to name the Bernie buster/Shrillary brain trust but there they are.

I was never in the "Trump would be better than Clinton" camp, but having seen Cheeto Jesus in action, I'm wondering if it's not true. Trump seems to be doing a great job of exposing just how heartless & intellectually bankrupt the right is, while at the same time being so incompetent that he can't actually get anything done. I'm hoping that the left will remain energized while the centre will finally wake up & stop voting in these jackasses.

But then again, I'm not a member of a targeted group, nor am I in danger of losing desperately-needed food. So, I have the luxury of wondering such things. Lord knows I never would have helped Cheeto Jesus come to power, even had I known just how dumb he was.

'he can't get anything done'

Wow, you are stupid.

He's done a fine job of naming several corporate shills and/or people that hate the agency to head said agency. They're already starting to dismantle them from the inside out.

Just because the retard cant get a muslim ban through the courts and some Rs made a retarded healthcare repeal, doesn't mean he's not actively doing severe damage right now.

If anything it's a god damn dog and pony show to distract the media from all the damage being done.

No, he hasn't been able to get anything done. Name one policy that he has successfully implemented. Oh, that's right, you can't, because he hasn't.

Even his shills that are "dismantling" the government aren't really dismantling it.... it would be more accurate to say that numerous agencies are being left to wither. And that's not a good thing. But at the same time, the non-functioning of those agencies is doing a pretty good job of educating dumbfucks in red states as to why they should value the Department of Energy. Or the Department of Education. Or the EPA. Which (I'm hoping) will lead to the rubes in the flyover country finally valuing the government.

My hope is that the net effect of Trump will be to re-energize a realistic form of civic engagement & to reinvigorate support for the myriad agencies of government that people want to start functioning again. We'll see if all that happens.

People said the exact same thing about the Bush 2 presidency, about the Romney campaign, and about the Trump campaign.

None of them came close to people finally waking up to Republicans being cancer.

Saying Trump is better is like saying that a drug addict cutting back is worse than them ODing in the hopes that maybe if they survive it will motivate them to check into rehab.

Here's the thing: all Trump has to do is demonstrate to the Republican base that he's on the side of whites over minorities, and they'll let him get away with nearly endless crap. Yeah they might be disappointed with him, but it's still going to come down to, "at least he's not a Democrat who wants to take our hard-earned money and give it to blacks and Mexicans and Muslims".

Now there's probably not a damn thing the Democrats, or liberals, or progressives, or the Left can do to stop Republican voters from being bigots. The only way to beat the Republicans is to outnumber them on Election Day, and vote strategically to knock as many Republicans out of power as possible.

John Holmes Motherfucker
In terms of resume and experienced, I'm pretty sure that the most qualified presidential candidate of my lifetime was defeated by the least qualified presidential candidate of my lifetime.

I was for Hillary, but I was also for Bernie bringing his his followers into the Democratic party so that America could finally have an honest to god politically viable Left, which is the second great thing that should have happened last year. If America had a real left, Sean Hannity wouldn't be able to get away quite so easily with with calling Barak and Hillary communists.

You always encounter the worst side of any particular group on the internet, and my internet experience of Bernie's followers was that they were a real basket of dicks. They were bullies on Twitter. They used the "superpredator" anecdote in a way that I believe was either dishonest or or stupid.

It's a matter of public record that, as Hillary closed in on the nomination, Bernie Babies were appearing in writing in Newspaper opinion pages threatening to pull for Trump. It happened, it was a dick move, but I'm all for moving forward until one of these little turds starts talking about how the election of Trump vindicated them, and that's when I turn into the into the incredible hulk.

Sure, the Democratic establishment favored Clinton, so what? The Republican establishment favored anyone but Trump, but Trump pulled it off. It's possible to beat the establishment, but it's not easy, and it's not supposed to be. The word "establishment" literally means "we were here first". Some of these people had been working for the Clintons for 40 years. I myself have voted Democrat in nearly every election since Ford vs. Carter, and I resented that these little shitstains thought they could tell me what to do. WE'RE THE YOUTH VOTE, they boasted, as if "YOUTH VOTE" means something other than "least likely to actually vote."

Bernie Sanders was a 74 year old man who had become a registered Democrat at the age of 73. He's entitled to a shot. He's not entitled to a level playing field. Bernie's supporters simply demanded that they get their way, and when they didn't get their way, some of them proceeded to threaten Partly officials by calling their home phones.

If Bernie had won the nomination, I would have been all in for Bernie, butI promise you that a lot of these kids are going to "grow up" and realize that they're really Republicans. They have the temperament.

Hey Anaxagoras, try actually following the news before you open your cockhole of a mouth and spout shit like you know what's going on.

Trump has already enacted several terrible policies just through executive orders.

He's gotten ICE to start hunting illegal immigrants (looks like only Mexican illegal immigrants too, just to make it extra racist) and even DREAMers. Ordered they expand their ranks by 10,000.

He's fast-tracked the Dakota pipeline and probably many other environmentally damaging projects in the future with another order.

He's decreed that no new regulations can be passed without removing two old ones.

He's mandated the creation of a 'illegals are violent criminals' propaganda mill to tell everyone every time an illegal commits a crime.

He's instructed his increasingly fascist justice department to get even harsher on anyone threatening law enforcement, which probably will mean going after protesters, as punishments for actual crime against law enforcement officers is already harsh as hell.

He's ordered building the border wall.

He's ordered a ton of new spending on border 'protection' with likely billions to be spend on new privately run detention facilities.

And that's just the shit in his executive orders.

So do us all a favor and shut the fuck up when the adults are talking.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>>Maybe you guys should stop blaming progressives and people with no power for this mess, seeing as how Hillary did win the popular vote. Progressives aren't the problem AT ALL here. This is a case of shooting the messenger.

Apparently, I had something to get off my chest, but I basically agree with this, EXCEPT THAT, does anybody really think that Bernie's been getting anything near as much finger pointing and blame as Hillary?
. We don't have to go full north Korea. I think that eventually a certain a mount of people are going to hear themselves railing about these old handicapped people mooching free creamed corn off the government, and suddenly wonder how they became that person.

We're only two months in. Forty-six months to go. Unless Nominal's Dad is actually stupid, in a physiological way, he's going to forced to question his assumptions.

his assumptions.

Susan Sarendon might have a point. We may have a real opportunity here.

And if we don't, we'd better go out and make one. This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin around.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>>Hey Anaxagoras, try actually following the news before you open your cockhole of a mouth and spout shit like you know what's going on.

I can tell you're upset.

>>>>People said the exact same thing about the Bush 2 presidency, about the Romney campaign, and about the Trump campaign.

>>>None of them came close to people finally waking up to Republicans being cancer.

I didn't think this was possible, but you're making it sound worse than it actually is. A majority voted against Trump to begin with. His poll numbers were historically low to begin with, and they keep getting worse and worse and worse. His negatives are way above his positives. Also, his health care policies are actually disproportionately affecting his supporters! I mean, shit, that can't be good, right.

I'm not saying that everything is going to be all right. What I'm saying is: Don't you dare give up!

"I promise you that a lot of these kids are going to "grow up" and realize that they're really Republicans. They have the temperament."

I've said it a hundred times before and I don't mind saying it again: the only difference between Teabaggers and many Bernie supporters is, the former are making enough money to worry the government is going to steal it from them and spend it on other people, while the latter are still making little enough that they want the government to give them better wages and free infinite health care. Neither has a claim to principles, just self-interest masquerading as virtue -- and all it takes to change from one to the other is to start making more money.

"I can tell you're upset."

Oh, you noticed that I'm tired of idiots waltzing into a conversation with only the slightest hint of understanding the topic and wagging their little dicks around trying to make profound statements with the bare minimum of comprehension?

A little knowledge remains a dangerous thing. Sadly, the people who most need to get the message, think it's saying that even a little knowledge empowers them.

Rodents of Unusual Size
This is mystifying, even for an authoritarian regime. Food is usually the one equalizing factor that everyone need and governments like those use to their advantage to keep people in their favor. Russia and China both saw their countries come to the brink in the 50s and 60s. If they had continued in that direction, that would have been the end. They both stabilized economically enough so starvation is no longer a major factor. North Korea is still the dark horse there because of its isolation. People compare Trump to Hitler constantly but Hitler and Mussolini knew to keep their people fed was one of the most important ways of maintaining popularity and power. Hell, this goes back to Roman times. The bread would flow from Egypt because the emperor kept the reins tight on Egypt for just that reason. It wasn't for the pyramids, it was for the grain. So long as they kept the people fed and won an occasional battle, the people supported the transition to authoritarian power.

This is a very big mistake on their part. You can cut programs to NPR and claim it's because it isn't necessary for public good. You can strip environmental regulations because the effects of those are cumulative and take time to notice in terms of the ripples they will create. You can't claim food relief to your own people isn't necessity.

Trump wants popularity, and he wants to be loved. This is either a fake out and he's going to replace this with an overall food relief program in his name, or he is underestimating the impact of this. Starvation is noticeable, and food insecurity in the US is already high. If this worsens as quickly as I think it will, there will not be a single thing that will stop this from exploding in his face (more than anything he's done previously). He has no idea how badly this program is needed. I'm wondering if he was told it could be replaced by other food service programs and that its disappearance would be negligible. That might explain his decision but it's one that will haunt him. This is such a bad idea in both conception and historical context.
Being fascist doesn't require intelligence.

People were calling "fake out" on all of Trump's moves all the way back before the nominations. I think the time has come when we can stop assuming that.

It's not at all mystifying. "TAXES BAD" and cutting everything Trumpettes perceive as benefits for minority welfare queens is all they care about.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Nominal, I'm not debating that part. What I'm saying is the fallout for this will be far worse than they imagine.

We're seeing some of the differences between fascism and Trump's crony capitalism. Fascists have a vision for society -- typically a return to a past golden age -- and they see the people (well, some of them) playing a role in their better future. Trump's got no grand vision beyond his prejudices and looting the masses.

Oscar Wildcat
That's a good observation, ROUS. Either it's a head fake, as you say, and by NOT cutting the budget item it becomes his program. Or, and I'm thinking this is actually more likely as crazy as it sounds, is that he intentionally hurts his followers to shore up his support amongst the oligarchs, then turns his followers rage on the Democrats. He can always tell some phoney lie and they'll dutifully pick it up and run with it. Obama secretly organized blacks and homosexuals to take grandma's Meals on Wheels. Anything really.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>>This is mystifying, even for an authoritarian regime.

It's not mystifying. It's incompetence. The guy from Brietbart? He's the MASTERMIND of this administration.

guy with irish ancestors on st. patricks day declaring that feeding the hungry is bad

i guess the english were entirely justified in engineering the potato famine, then
Stars for you, but the blight got some of them and the rest I had to sell just to keep the farm.

Is your political bus stuck in some mire? Jam some kids under the back tires, dump kitty litter on them for traction, spin out on their faces, then pretend it was done because you actually care about children. Just ignore that children have received nothing but hate and vitriol for a decade and everyone else will never call you out for using them now as if you care. Fuck that shit.

Also, fuck Trump's budget director, what an also piece of shit.
I love how no one can coherently defend Trump and his lackeys without buying a first class ticket the glorious country of BUTBUTISTAN.


You people are such fucking clowns. I really do hope that somewhere in the future there is a wall upon which your back will meet and become good friends.
Every time I point a proven, blatant FOX News lie to my father, his response without fail is always "BUT BUT MSNBC!"

I can't remember anyone explicitly defending Trump throughout this entire election cycle. Many liberals here were critical of Obama and Clinton, but maybe they can just hold more than one thought in their heads?

My parents fell back on the "they're BOTH bad choices!" during the election.

Then once Trump was elected? Ranting how the police should start arresting Michael Moore and other protestors right before the inauguration for "inciting a riot".

During Obama's presidency, he called him a dictator for an interview where he subtly suggested that Sarah Palin was an idiot (the "I don't think Sarah Palin can be considered an expert on nuclear energy" line) because "only dictators try to silence anyone who disagrees with them".

Doc Victor

Well, yeah

Here's an authentic example of someone trying to defend this bullshit. Taken from someone on my facebook feed who could be a poe exhibit on his own:

"I took a look at the 2018 spending plan.

https://www.whitehouse.gov/…/budg…/fy2018/2018_blueprint.p df

Basically Military, Homeland Security, Vets, The Wall have been increased. The EPA, the Arts, Science, Sesame Street have been slated for the chopping block.

The only things I'm sad about are the Arts and Science getting cut (as usual) - then again, we haven't been using those things properly at all, as of late - too few people wanting to revitalize the Space Program or rebuild things like the Hoover Dam or commit and convert to clean energy sources like Solar and Fission.
Sesame Street can fuck off, and so can the EPA for not doing their jobs properly (pork barrel superfund idiocy making a few corps crazy wealthy on the backs of poorly "cleaning up" pollution that the state has no control over leading to massive fiscal waste).

Cue people whining about the Military and Homeland Security getting bigger; which we overspend on already, so I can see where people are coming from.

The lack of infrastructure funding really sucks, however, as that IS something we need badly, alongside improved agriculture funding to help farmers and ranchers actually make ends meet - likewise a reinvestment in domestic manufacturing should be a must.

Of the 19 agencies being eliminated, they are either do-nothing projects started as legacy acts or are so mired in red-tape that funneling money to them is equivalent to setting it on fire.

Stand out examples include:

The Denali Commission - a federally-funded infrastructure group for Alaska (and their native population in particular) with a whopping dozen or so employees. It was basically a pork project for Sen. Ted Stevens that got drastically smashed down to size after Stevens got ousted but nobody's quite managed to get rid of (its own inspector general recommended it get cut and promptly quit). Obama tried to retool it as a climate change agency, so it's doubly obvious why Trump would want it gone. The agency's entire budget is something like $15 million. Yay.

Legal Services Corporation - federally-funded legal representation for poor and indigent clients for civil matters. Republicans have been trying to kill it since Reagan (prior to becoming First Lady, Hillary Clinton was a president of LSC). LSC's budget goes up and down and is current around $375 million a year, so it's another relatively small ticket line item. I don't have fuzzy feelings for LSC despite thinking our everybody-pays-their-own-costs civil system sucks major ass, because the LSC's subgroups are mired in the same political bullshit as the official bureaucracy is - wasting money on admin and frivolous cases rather than genuinely assisting people shut out of the legal system's protections because of money problems. It desperately needed an overhaul in the 90's and to be scrapped and rebuilt in the early 2000's, and now it just needs to die.

Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation (DBA NeighborWorks America) does grants mostly and also administrates the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling program (AKA "you can't pay for your house, now what?" program), which they started doing in 2007. Foreclosure rates have obviously gone down since then and currently it has very little work to do. It's another relatively piddly-ticket item in the range of $312 million a year.

And so on. It's a lot of drops in the ocean, but they're all symbolic bugaboos that the fiscal conservatives have wanted to chop off for years if not decades now. No doubt the progressive screeching in the bloviatorsphere - once they're over TRUMP IS KILLING SESAME STREET - will be about Trump melting the icecaps, wanting poor people to not have legal representation, and taking away all their houses, the actual products and progress of these organizations be damned."

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>>And so on. It's a lot of drops in the ocean, but they're all symbolic bugaboos that the fiscal conservatives have wanted to chop off for years if not decades now.

No, for years if not decades, the Republicans have used CPB and NEH as puppets for their annuael political theater. Trump is killing them. This is going to make it way harder for the Republicans to talk about cultural elites in government, and it's going to piss off a whole lot of voters. I promise you that behind the scenes, many congressional republicans are horrified, not only for killing the whipping boy, but also at Trump's political cluelessness.

Majority Report skewered this pretty good;

The whole point of meals on wheels is to allow seniors to stay in their own homes longer instead of using a personal care home or assisted living. Not only because they can't fucking afford the personal care home or assisted living; but because there are older, less able seniors that need those resources.

This is just hurry up and die politics.
I understand what he's saying, but he really stuck his foot in it when he thought he was being clever with the wording. I think working to stop squandering tax dollars on programs that aren't accomplishing anything is an admirable goal. I simply disagree that Meals on Wheels is a waste of tax money that doesn't accomplish anything, and even if Meals of Wheels were a complete waste of time and money that wasn't doing anything for anyone, cutting funding for it still wouldn't be "compassionate." It's kind of like saying "We're not going to legally obligate parents to enroll their kids in school anymore. That's compassionate to the parents because that way they don't have to spend the time and gas."

In other words, I don't think he's pure evil, I just think he's full of shit attempting to spin a controversial budget plan into a bullshit narrative that wouldn't convince a retarded kindergartener.
Historically, so long as bellies are full, you can run a country however the hell you like. But, when folks are looking down the barrel of economic uncertainty, they fall in behind hucksters and strongmen. If those fail to deliver, and when there is food uncertainty, there is grounds for violent upheaval.

I am not above conflict, but I really don't want to see folks suffer in order to gain a hollow "I told you so."
Fuck this evil garbage.
Binro the Heretic
"We pump all this money into giving old people food & companionship and what have we got to show for it?"

What fucking kind of motherfucking "results" do you fucking want you fucking motherfucking piece of fucking shit?

This isn't an investment where you're supposed to get a huge return with interest. We decided we want our tax money spent buying food for the poor. We're not meant to make a profit off it. Is that really the only way you judge value?
"Is that really the only way you judge value?"

He's a millionaire Paultard and teabagger who gleefully encouraged intentional acts that would cause a government shutdown a couple years ago. That should answer your question.

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