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Desc:The Werner Herzog of cat ladies.
Category:Pets & Animals, Short Films
Tags:cats, orphans, anger, redemption, caturday
Submitted:William Burns
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Comment count is 7
Awwww. I have a cat that started the same way.

3 months old at the city shelter, had been there over a month. Was so afraid of people, would hide in the farthest corner of the cage, even if it was in her own poop because she would rather that than get closer to people. Had "problem behavior" box filled in on her info sheet, hissed at anyone getting close. Worker said she was red listed (put down date set).

There was another super friendly 3 month old male cat so I got them both.

She spent the first month hiding behind the toilet, then hiding all over the place. Her and the other cat spent the first 48 hours wrestling but got along and would even cuddle. She still wouldn't have anything to do with people. Would never let you get near and kept hissing. I would approach her while she was asleep, drop a treat and give a quick pet before she fully awoke and went back to hissing.

After 7 months she was finally okay with petting and would even come up for it. Years later she's still skittish and hides but is constantly jumping in your lap to be petted.

The My Cat from Hell show had an episode with an EXACT clone of her (episode featuring "Minibar"). Constant hiding, chasing to catch her for vet trips, and hissing.
The Mothership
sweet homage to a really strong cat

Poor sad old cat. I'm glad he was taken out of an abusive environment and given to loving people to spend his last days.

but yeah, I felt the same way

Christ on a biscuit. W. Burns, that description is right on.
I grew up in a house with a lot of cats (running average of five).
We got a wizened old mean as shit cat, calico, scars on its face from fighting, broken fang from God knows what, would never let you get close to it.

Months went by and the cat was still a mean. We'd feed it wet food, still a bastard, moved on to feeding it just canned salmon, still a jerk.

Finally took her to the vet, found out the cat just had a really bad case of ear mites.
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