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Desc:complete rip of the Gallagher video game
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:video games, laserdisc, gallagher, shoot that diet soda, guns are cool
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I saw Gallagher as a kid, during his set he asked my friend's little brother, who was about 11, if he was a homosexual. I thought this was hilarious, because I was 13.

Gallagher sucks ass.
I saw Gallagher around 12. He brought a kid a little younger than me on stage for a bit, but most of the joke was him picking out every mannerism the kid had, telling him to stop, and saying it made him "LIKE A GIRL."

Also he wasn't funny.

So, that was like a running bit?! What a weirdo.

I saw him, too, when I was around the same age as you guys, possibly a bit younger.

While I don't recall him picking on any children, he did try to hit me with a wet sponge that looked like a slice of watermelon. The sponge went high, so I caught it and to this day I still have it in a box of junk.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I feel your pain. As a kid we enjoyed his cable TV specials and thought he was the greatest. Fast forward to the YouTube era and we see he's nothing but an old, bitter, spiteful man who tells shitty jokes in front of Jugalos.
Preview image looks like my bedroom.
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you're gonna get slapped and you're gonna like it
Cinderella Pregnant Relax Game

:12 what an asshole...who's going to clean up all that shit?
This is the weirdest fetish video I've ever seen on here.
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