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Desc:It's almost hard to beleive.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:tag suggestions welcome, writing!, aaron sorkin
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Comment count is 10
Scrimmjob - 2017-03-25
It's almost hard to believe that I'm a PHD graduate from Wassamatta U, and I'm 50 times smarter than Aaron Sorkin.
Xenocide - 2017-03-25
*cut to a different actor in a completely different show*

It's almost hard to believe that I'm a PHD graduate from Wassamatta U, and I'm 50 times smarter than Aaron Sorkin, AND my garbage can's on fire!

Two Jar Slave - 2017-03-25
I'm not your editor.

bac - 2017-03-25
something about smoking crack and repetitive behavior.

I like aaron sorkin. And I think a few good men is one of the funniest movies. I'm not saying that as a joke, the humor in that movie is great.
Xenocide - 2017-03-25
His earlier stuff is great, it's just that after West Wing he got a little...well, I mean, his pitch for Studio 60 was, "Hi, I'm Aaron Sorkin, TV writer. Watch my new show about a TV writer who is the smartest and most important person in America."

simon666 - 2017-03-25
Writing is as hard all hell and if you do it at all frequently you realize how often that you repeat phrasings and themes. I think Sorkin just has a limited number of colloquialisms and motifs/tropes (America and intellectualism are great but must be maintained and earned), and never took the opportunity to grow beyond those.

bac - 2017-03-25
Dear God that was his pitch wasn't it. Did anybody else happen find that one guys attempts to hook up with Amanda Peets character in studio 60 to be really creepy?

Also, spot on Simon spot on.

somedongus - 2017-03-26
5 for the video. Also 5 for Amanda Peet.


Two Jar Slave - 2017-03-26
This is honestly like complaining that a star pitcher always throws the same way, and hasn't branched out to football. It's fun to notice, but there's no need to assume it's a critique. The title "writing tics" is a good one.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-03-26
*glances at script*

This is funny stuff.
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