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Nominal - 2017-03-27

Yay! They immediately kill off the annoying wrestler characters like the real show should have!

Bort - 2017-03-27

You know how Mr. Satan figures it's just a robot transport with a loudspeaker? I seem to recall that's exactly what Vegeta and Nappa destroyed a bunch of when they arrived -- robot transports, abandoned cities, and so on. So, nice callback.

Maggot Brain - 2017-03-27

Yeah, but kind of changes the majin boo arch when Boo and
Mr. Satan becomes best friends.

Nominal - 2017-03-27

True. It's not like you can't just have dead characters come back to life in the DBZ universe.

SolRo - 2017-03-27

He's not dead, just has a bloody nose! We all know the crazy nosebleeds anime characters can have.

Bort - 2017-03-27

Even in the original Japanese version, Cell sends Mr. Satan flying into that mountain. The only thing Team Four Star added was the greasy streak he left sliding down.

Nominal - 2017-03-27

Well he didn't kill the annoying wrestlers in the helicopter either.

Xenocide - 2017-03-27

Mr. Satan is one of the very few DBZ characters who never dies at any point in the manga. There's only two or three other characters who can say that.

And this is a series where the final villain blows up the entire world.

Nominal - 2017-03-28

Wasn't the final villain a piece of pink taffy with the mind of a baby who was defeated when Goku and Vegeta touched weiners or something?

But then the series kept going and it ended with no conflict whatsoever, just Goku meeting some kid at a tournament, then hi fiving him before ditching his family to adopt him?

Bort - 2017-03-28

Kid Buu was finally defeated by one of Goku's spirit bombs, but he needed all the people of earth to chip in some life force to make it strong enough. It was Mr. Satan who persuaded most of earth to help, so without Mr. Satan Kid Buu would have won.

That "kept going" thing is what educated queermos call "an epilogue", in which Goku met the reincarnated Buu, who this time 'round was a good-hearted kid with limitless potential and the chance to be a force for good.

Wiener-touching happened at least a few times.

Nominal - 2017-03-28

I just got monocled on a DBZ plot.

fedex - 2017-03-27

when the song kicks in....could not stop laughing

Quad9Damage - 2017-03-28

My favorite part was when Cell blew away like three shit-tier filler episodes in an instant.

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