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Desc:Has anyone ever seen this movie? Like anyone ever?
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:dogs, porn, porndogs, terrible ideas, greg blatman
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Comment count is 21
Oscar Wildcat
No, I haven't seen it, but it's something we should probably rectify.
if I could find it I would screen it on MNR

So, SWIM managed to find a copy and is using it to complete the two publicly available torrents. It's not great quality, but it's watchable.

I skipped through it and immediately landed on the cumshot scene with Uncle $hort's doberman, which was pretty repulsive.

I'll try to make Movie Night tomorrow if anyone wants a direct link or something.

Boomer The Dog
Do you guys have movie nights with a live stream and chat?

Rifftrax should do this movie.. ;)

That's amazing.

I haven't seen it yet.
Also this really needs a "Too $hort" tag.
The sad, reluctant looking dog with the giant strap-on.
Oscar Wildcat
Somewhere in America, Boomer is weeping.
Yeah gonna need Boomer to chime in on this.

Boomer The Dog
I remember hearing about this movie at the time, I didn't know what to make of it, just a parody/comedy on porn movies featuring Dogs. I took it like this magazine my mom had one time called Catmopolitan, all cat things in Cosmo.

I wonder if they're all the voice actors' Dogs?


Boomer, if you'd like to see this, it is now available. See my comment above.

Thanks for your contributions to the site over the years.

Is it true that dogs can shit anywhere they want in Paris?
why does this exist
Disposable income.

Sniffin the wind, sniffin the wind for something new.
Killer Joe
"Hey kid! Wanna do some camera work for a movie? It'll look great in your demo reel, and you'll be working with porn stars!"
One is seven in dog years. That's fucked.
Released in 2009. That means sometime in 2008, on planet Earth, NASA scientists were discovering ice on Mars, while another team worked on Porn Dogs.
Humanity achieved amazing things in 2008.

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