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Desc:One Nation has the only policy that protects you from the growing threat of Islamic terror
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:satan, terrorism, prayer, Pauline Hanson, muslim ban
Submitted:shrike the halls
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Comment count is 15
did we ever confirm this guy was lotsmoreorcs?

the shrike thing is probably not a coincidence, orcs was constantly referencing simmons

or perhaps he is just an avid bird watcher and christmas enthusiast

Monkey Napoleon
I didn't believe it right at first, but a thing happened recently.

orcs came into the movie chat one night (as orcs) and started asking everyone which one of us was SolRo. After multiple people explained to him that SolRo doesn't attend movie nights, he started spamming the channel with huge blocks of this sites users rl information. In between spam, he mentioned a couple of funny things like he'd thought about getting /pol/ to raid this site and confirmed that he was shrike. It took about 15 minutes for people (me) to get bored of him and I squelched him until he left.

Having said that, this video belongs here and he's more or less behaving himself under his new account, so I kind of don't give a fuck.

Crybaby bitches gonna crybaby bitch.

shrike the halls
i was asking about Bawbag/threerow, not Solro the canadian

Oscar Wildcat
Nappy, I too wonder why so many fucks are given about Orcs. Much like EvilHomer, if you don't like him, you can ignore him, it's not too hard. Both users contributed a lot of video and text to this site, far in excess of bawbag who's only contribution was an amusing riff on scripting out users. Then he left.

You know, one of the great things about this site is the fact that, while a few of you would be shot on sight if you darkened my door, those same users are a lot of fun when kept at arms length. So far, the only real explaination for running them off is that they interfere with the valuable discussion here. About Dog Porn and the Rough Orange Beast slouching towards Bethlehem?

Let's all take a deep breath, smoke a bowl, shoot up, take a drink, chant hare Krishna, or whatever it takes to cool you out, and enjoy the show. Let a thousand flowers bloom, I say.

Some of us think that having white supremacists getting racist videos through the hopper and onto our front page is a bad thing.

Not sure why you retards think it's okay.

Are you just a 'whatever, lulz' dumbass?

Because honestly, only a tiny handful of idiots like you keep 5 staring this shit to keep it on the front page.

You're actively helping make this site worse, because you're too fucking stupid to do otherwise.

I feel that it is good that we get junk like this to the front page so that we may point out the stupidity of it and general evil.

I mean read the YT comments to this video -- there has been a huge influx of videos like this and it is gaining traction.

Oscar Wildcat
Welcome back,
Your trolls were your ticket out.
Welcome back,
To that same old place that you laughed about.
Well the names have all changed since you hung around,
But those trolls have remained and they've turned around.
Who'd have thought they'd lead ya (Who'd have thought they'd lead ya)
Back here where we need ya (Back here where we need ya)
Yeah we tease him a lot cause we got him on the spot, welcome back,
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back
shrike the halls

How about they pretend to renounce their religion and then do bad things anyways? Checkmate, theists!

Or wait, is this about banning people based on them LOOKING muslim?

If a white person in australia converts to islam, what then?
Maggot Brain
To the reservation with them!

Also; no, I don't like it.

Needs a "Pauline Hanson" tag.
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