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Desc:The whole damn thing
Category:Arts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Musical, spider man, broadway, Julie Taymor, expensive birthday dissapointment
Submitted:shrike the halls
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Comment count is 12
Oh, this was a natural since there is a huge overlap between people who enjoy Spiderman, tourists who enjoy musicals and people who enjoy Bono's forgettable b-sides. How could this have possibly failed?!?
Just watching this video gives you an 80% chance of being horribly injured by a falling stagelight within the next hour.
The Green Goblin's villain song is maybe the least threatening villain song in musical history.
shrike the halls
The zombie nurse choreography is kind of cool for a minute but then it goes downhill quick

**Note to audience**: We have no way to properly hide suspension wires so please "suspend" your disbelief in flying and jumping people on stage and just roll with it. Thank you!
OH man, where to start?
Two Jar Slave
Is there a "expensive birthday disappointment" tag?
infinite zest
yes, and needs to somehow link to http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=31277

When Imagine Dragons is the most successful thing to come out of this show you know that's a bad sign.

(They were supposed to sketch out some songs for U2 to work with, producer yanked them and signed them to release their own album instead)
infinite zest
Wow. That's like the worst band name I've ever seen. And not just because I assume I hate the music. I dunno it's just really really bad.

infinite zest
I worked for Broadway Across America for a number of years and the copyright lawyers would take a leaked show down before it went up, and that was like, for the off-broadway touring productions! And yet this has been on YouTube since January.
shrike the halls
Infinite Deprest when did u turn into such a debbie downer up lad when the journey's over there'll be time for sleep

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