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Desc:Some guys making 38 grand per month via donations made the latest Zelda playable on PC
Category:General Station
Tags:Nintendo, Zelda, , emulation
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Not seeing a download link
infinite zest
The emu's on cemu's reddit page, but everything else is pretty much just on torrents and fpts. The user didn't post it because the emu world is pretty anti-piracy but pro-preservation of software and this is about as Warez-y as it gets.

Ahh, Warez. I miss that word.

idk - in some stills at max res it really makes it seem like this is how it ought to look, but seeing it in motion i really think it looks better on switch/wii u. a lot of the textures just aren't up to it. haven't played the game yet, waiting a bit to play it on switch - maybe when the new mario comes out, maybe after first console revision (never buy a console at launch).
infinite zest
My girlfriend got it on her wii-u. It reminds me of Shadow of Mordor, which is fine, but I already have Shadow of Mordor. But I tried this yesterday and couldn't get more than maybe 10FPS, and I'm running 6th gen i7 with a gtx 1060 with 6 gigs of video memory or in other terms Skyrim SE with maximum settings at a comfy 70+FPS. And other users with similar specs got about the same. But I might try using this guy's custom nvidia settings if I feel like it.

infinite zest
Oh. This is from a version of Cemu that's not available until to the public until April 9th, and will probably be fine-tuned to run the only game for wii-u anybody seems to care about. I dunno Bayonetta 2 looks like a lot more fun.

you don't have a girlfriend and this doesn't remind you of shadow of mordor you lying sack of crap

infinite zest
oh shit you're right!

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
It's ok I don't have a girlfriend either and I will most likely die alone but I'm cool with that.

infinite zest
But you DO have Zelda for PC right?

This game is dope and playing this on PC will also be dope.
I haven't played it yet but the score is absolutely fantastic and worth listening to, the music playing here is generic royalty-free "epic" crap.
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