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Desc:Nature's groovy waterbed of human extinction.
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:Climate Change, siberia, methane, mass extinction event, bwoop
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shrike the halls
I remember everyone getting really scared about a methane bubble around 2011-2012 but wasn't it disproved?

Fortunately our president just signed 20b (for the year) in spending for NASA and their space colonizations programs
Oh yeah! The gigaton methane bubble that kills 90% of humans in a year thing.

That scare got supplanted by the 7000 smaller bubbles set to go off any time now thing.

Already been venting in the arctic for, what, a decade at least.

Dude, don't fall in!
So can I assume that there's enough pressure from the bubble to hold up the grassy surface but not enough of a differential to force the bubble to "pop" yet? Crazy wild stuff.
They either pop and seep, or they detonate

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/03/27/ russian-scientists-find-7000-siberian-hills-possibly-filled-with-e xplosive-gas/

Wait, does climate change cause underground methane bubbles? I confess ignorance in this area.
Permafrost melts, leaves gaps in organic matter, said matter starts decaying because temperatures are warm enough now, methane fills gaps permafrost left behind.

Tough American Bouncer
Also lots of methane is trapped inside the ice (methane clathrate) and when temperature rises, it gets released.

infinite zest
yeah what they said. Enjoy your fake "science."

The world will smell like gassy egg farts in its final days
methane is odorless if you paid any attention at all in any of your K-12 science classes

I was up doing water sampling in the Arctic archipelago last July and these things were around. They're pretty fun to step on.
Oscar Wildcat
You're killing us all, you bastard!

Also: how do you get a gig like that?

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