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Desc:Decent tribute
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:Trailer Park Boys, David Bowie, Bubbles, Canadian people, the man who sold the world
Submitted:shrike the halls
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Comment count is 20
All joking aside I totally dig the bass line.
Oscar Wildcat
Were Bowie still alive, he could be prevailed upon to cover "Liquor and Whores".

infinite zest
I don't know how this is still on after 11 seasons but I'm ok with that.

Extra points for incorporating a shopping cart.
Doc Victor

Doc Victor
It's sad that I have to qualify myself but ballnut here is a straight man who claims to defy his own heterosexuality when it suits him. I sincerely apologize to anyone who is offended by my untoward language, but as he represents the worst stereotypes one could ever project upon another human being gay or otherwise, I think it only appropriate to exclusively refer to him as such from this point forward.

You fucking pussy hahahaha. You want to call someone a 'faggot' then ask for weasel-worded permission from your online friends to do so? That's pathetic! XD

shrike the halls
Careful this guys an expert Google Hacker he can pinpoint your location to within 12 years and has ties to Ithaca ANTIFA. He is NOT impotent balding or inept despite being unable to find where I actually live or work and his family private investigation business one of the most revered in Scotland.. Don't taunt him for his hilarious obsessive autism or cork board home setup with a huge picture of me at the top that he keeps in his room, he may come for you next now that he has utterly devastated my entire quality of life YAWN

By the way you get that I won, right? You're the new orcs you're basically just announcing yourself at this point.

haha you're literally shitting yourself hence the prickly response, go nuts, triple-down on it :)

Spamming these guys personal info on the movie chat too, what a fucking maroon.

Dan or Leslie, which one is more likely to give a shit about the useless junkie kid and his edgy schtick? Is it still 7532? Who should I ask for? lol

shrike the halls
Yeah let me know how that goes Sherlock

Your review of Omega Canyon was shit btw.

shrike the halls
Google is only taking you so far eh Sherlock

"David something something is nearly 50 years old!"

Yeah, your powers of deduction are 100% amazing enema-boy. :)

shrike the halls
I just want to say that Scottish or not there is no way this fuck is not a ginger nothing else explains the spaced out tryhard element and ENEMA BOY what the fuck is that

shrike the halls
Oh my reddit comments, 4d chess man

I think Doc Victor is Lord Crocodilicus. His details are pretty easy to find too fwiw.

shrike the halls
Keep hitting refresh I'll be right back
ooh cannot wait to see which of the poetv facebook group I am next! xD

http://www.urbandictionary.com/tags.php?tag=delete%20fucking%20eve rything

So much for "you get that I won, right? hahahahaha

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