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Desc:Mike gets so excited for the last pick he smashes the Wheel on camera.6
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:red letter media, best of the worst, wheel of the worst, sellout hack frauds
Submitted:Sexy Duck Cop
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Comment count is 7
This is the first one in a while that had an infectious feel good and laugh vibe to it for me. They forgot to bring the curmudgeon bludgeon for this one and it helped.
Hah, I was really gunning for the lawn mower safety video, but whatever.

Also, it's really weird how they keep using the same intro, but Jessi hasn't been in a BOTW since, like, 2015.
Nothing quite triggers my VHS nostalgia like seeing a plastic box where there's no label, just the title written in pen or marker. How many times in video rental stores did I see such boxes with the title of a movie written on it because the paper label had gone missing. Like a rental place that had a copy of some, ah lesser action movie, probably produced in Italy or something that had had a sequel or two and the original labelling had gone missing so someone had slid some blank paper in there under that thin outer layer of transparent plastic and had Sharpied "[Movie Title] 1" on the front.
Caminante Nocturno
The Wheel of the Worst died as it lived, a piece of garbage.
Two Jar Slave
Five for the candy worm alone.
"I do not think we're going to see a cartoon octopus smoking a cigarette."
*shows clip of that exact thing happening next*

Alright, you've got my attention!
I wanted to hear more about Octopuff in Kumquat. They showed it to us in kindergarten, and I was trying to find out about it recently.

I think the octopuff is trying to get everybody in the land of Kumquat to take up smoking, but then the children eventually convince him that kumquats are more satisfying than cigarettes. Because that's what they eat in Kumquat.
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