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Desc:Wackity shmackity doo!
Tags:Mitchell and Webb, farce
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Comment count is 3
These guys do like making fun of old-timey stuff, dont' they?

Also, I rather like how they often create sketches where THE JOKE is basically stated up front. It's refreshing to not have to wait for some lame twist to wrap up the sketch.
They're really keen on 70s British lowbrow like Carry On and Up Pompeii. When I was a kid, the Seattle area had two PBS stations, the main one in Seattle, that hit the rights to Monty Python and Young Ones and Blackadder, and the Tacoma one that couldn't afford those so filled the same slots with Are You Being Served? and the British Three's Company. Guess which ones I watched.

They have a way of getting all of the little details right when they mock farces or 70's British sitcoms like 'Get Me Hennimore!", and I'd rather see that sort of bit than lazy parodies of contemporary pop-culture.

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