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Desc:It is very awkward for everybody involved
Category:Music Videos
Tags:Nirvana, screaming, awkward, Lazy Children
Submitted:bakune young
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bakune young
Honest Abe
+5 FOR HOT DUPE ACTION (i didn't know it was a dupe)
Hey! Is that drummer kid the one in the "Re: Should I buy my son a beer" video?
I sang this song at a highschool party once!!! Good to see a whole new generation mangling it too.
It was an effort. Good on them. A beat-dumb drummer is a thing of horror.
I loved how they all did the "bent note and waaaay" break a different times.
The vocalist needs to work on the bottom of her range. And the top. And the middle.
It took me 3 tries to get through this, and I still had to skip the last verse.
Well, it's no The Worst Final Countdown, but it still hurts.
Wow, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have really improved!
Rape Van Winkle
These stars are hearts in my eyes for you.

Billy Buttsex
Someone give these kids a medal for sucking so bad
Oh god.
She's a little bit hotter than Cobain at least. -1 for dupe.
Mayberry Pancakes
That guitar solo is one of the funniest things I've ever heard.
Torture the Artist
The best part is that his guitar comes unplugged like ten seconds before his big solo and he panics, tries smacking it a few times, plugs it back in, plucks a random string to test it, THEN UNLEASHES THE ROCKPOCOLYPSE. That solo almost didn't happen, and it's a testament to his workmanship and professionalism that he pulled it off.

I think the drummer comepletely forgot he what song he was playing around the first chorus.
Wow. Wow. Wow.
WOW - more teenage awkwardness than an arm's length slow-dance.
That's punk rock as fuck
I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first saw the title. I thought to myself, "Evil, there's no way in hell anyone can fuck up a song as simple as Teen Spirit". Once again, PoE proves me wrong!

Kurt would be proud.
I had to shield my eyes throughout the duration. It's true, however, that Kurt would be proud.
I still can't watch this. I don't think it's possible to count the errors and problems in this performance.

I was sceptical, but this really is worse than "The Worst Final Countdown".
"Wait, guys, is this in 3/4, 4/4, or 64/88?"
It's clearly in 23/16, per lead singer chick's various revisions.

I bought the same pants at Hot Topic.
Pie Boy
I thought it was going to just be moderately crappy until the singing started to creep up on me. Kurt had chronic bronchitis for most of his life and he could at least scream mostly in tune.
I actually sort of like the end where she just starts screaming louder and less coherently. 5 stars just for that back-facing-audience into a failed-jacket-throw at the start.
I give them one star for having the courage to actually finish this atrocity.

Another star for the ukulele style of guitar playing.

Stupid & contagious indeed...

I hope their parents didn't lie and tell them it was good...
I assumed from the title that this was going to have Tori Amos in it.

I'm not disappointed, exactly, just putting that out there.
Bravely rated and reviewed, ryanowens.
That'll teach those kids for being mediocre!
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Rather than kurt turning in his grave, I reckon this should bring him back to life
It's not really easy to hand this "worst cover" when you know there are loads of high school and middle school bands exactly like this.
4:06 - Could not contain the laughter
The worst cover of the worst song.
mumbly joe
i'm sure glad they zoomed in on that guitar solo.

awkward is such an appropriate tag.
God that video is going to down in that girls family for generations,

and bozo your fucked
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