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Desc:lick lick lick lick my balls!
Tags:Balls, Roiland, Harmon, lick lick lick lick my balls!
Submitted:Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
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Comment count is 6
this is nothing like a real conference call, because Justin clearly identifies the problem and the requirements to solve it, then Dan attempts to meet the requirements

in a real conference call, they would identify and describe the balls and the process of licking, and talk about how great everything is, and no one would ever discuss or make any arrangements for the actual logistics of getting the balls licked

also it would last more than 90 minutes
Also, there would be six people on the call who absolutely do not need to be on it but are required to be on. And there would be two additional people who should be focused on balls and the licking thereof, but keep trying to steer the call to their departments' pet projects of pube-flossing and taint-nuzzling.

Conference calls are a sure indicator of the uselessness of the employee whom insists on having them.
Shanghai Tippytap
'look, I just wanted to put heads together here.. you know, dan, meet jack, you guys know the details of how to get those balls licked better than i do. as PM all I want by the end of this call is confirmation that those balls WILL be getting licked, okay, and WHEN, and WHO will be, you know, doing the licking of those sweaty sacks, alright? phase two is creeping up on us pretty quick, okay, and getting those balls wet is on the critical path of juicing up the shaft'

i enjoyed the line about pulling out the checkbook. that made me happy.
Needs time to dry
Justin Roiland is a fleshy guy. He's just a kebab made breathe.
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