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Desc:A police detective visits the home of a reclusive farmer and his family and finds, well, horror.
Category:Short Films, Horror
Tags:horror, UK, short film
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Binro the Heretic
Why didn't the farmer just burn the house down?
My allergies are so bad I woke up next to that bitch this morning.
As Grandfather used to say, "You get Better Plants from Better People."

That copper is gonna be the best damned carnivorous vine that a man can be.
I like the attempt, especially since it looks self-funded and such. But 3 starring because of the weak ass sound mix. If you put all that time into locations and make-up just dig up a big meaty sound FX and mixdown
Agreed. I'm not typically a stickler for this kind of thing, but that gunshot sound was utterly laughable. Even most of the CG looked passable, especially for whatever small budget this had.

I think they had a boom mic for a blank being fired or something. That and the axe sounds (which also might just be from live scene).

Good proof of concept/skill for a guy trying to get a job. Unoriginal boredom for me. Guy finds a monster, monster kills a guy. Yay.
Robin Kestrel
See dying vegetables life sustain
See life dissolving vegetate again
All forms that perish other forms supply
By turns we catch the vital breath and die.

- Alexander Pope
Not bad for a basic internet short type thing, but it's basically an adaptation of Lovecraft's "The Colour Out Of Space" with the backstory removed. Legally they don't have to give any credit, but morally they kinda should.
Well, it does say in the Youtube summary that it was inspired by "The Colour Out Of Space" - I found a link to the film at the 'Lovecraft E-zine' which is an online zine dedicated to Lovecraftian-inspired fiction and they post links now and then to short films, feature-length projects, audio dramas, etc. in the same vein.

You're right. I didn't go to the actual YT page, so I stand corrected.

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