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Desc:The only way a North Korean missile could reach anything beyond Seoul.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Cold War, Propoganda, North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, clap and receive food
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 16
Used to have a guy that would get on the bus on my commute and yell "nobody here better mug me." It happened often enough the after getting kicked out a few times, most folks on their commute just ignored him. Buddy tells me he found the guy online saying how every day somebody on his bus tries to mug him, and he manages to intimidate them into not doing it. Enoogh people believed him that the City Council looked into the "anonymous tips" they had received about threats and intimidation on city buses.

This fella and North Korea seem to have the same playbook.
Chocolate Jesus
the US bombed the korean people into caves, killing almost 30% of their entire population. the overtures of the DPRK are not exactly unprovoked.

Monkey Napoleon
It hasn't been about what we've done to them in a long long time. Now it's just a propaganda tool to justify and legitimize a regime that's hurt them far worse than we ever did.

Oscar Wildcat
Turns out that whole "invading South Korea" thing didn't work out too well for them?

I wish there was some kind of middle ground between "DKRP is a victim of American Imperialism" and "We will be greeted as liberators."

Chocolate Jesus
there was no animosity between the 'two halves' before the partitioning of the state by colonial superpowers.

the stated motives of the us were never just or correct, and their methods in conducting the war, as always, were totally cruel and unbalanced.

(if any of you are curious there were some recently delcassed documents demonstrating that the US used brainwashing techniques on returning Air Force POWs in order to get them to recant confessions of war crimes, including dropping biological weapons in korea.)

the histrionic overtures of the dprk don't come out of nowhere.

if you all can understand the vietnam war was bullshit, and that the threat of vietnamese communism (or any communism) to american democracy and capitol was a farce, (or at very least a grotesque & murderous exaggeration) then you can understand that the korean war, which occured only a couple years before, was bullshit too. there just aren't as many movies celebrated english language movies about it.

Oscar Wildcat
Much like our histrionic overtures, they stem from an increasingly weak and fragile leadership trying to prop itself up with jingoism and martial propaganda.

A better question to ask yourself is which Korea would you like to live in today?

Chocolate Jesus
the north yeah dat way (north)

Chocolate Jesus
so the us and korea are both controlled by "increasingly weak and fragile [regimes] trying to prop [themselves] up with jingoism and martial propaganda."

but the one that invades dozens of sovereign countries without justifiable provocation, exports torture and eugenics, kills hundreds of civilians a week, enforces legalized slavery and apartheid, and jails millions (most or many of which could be considered highly political) is the good one??

and the smaller one, that jails (allegedly) thousands, makes empty threats to keep its enemies at bay, and rarely or never attacks anyone, and has never ever been out from under the boot of the larger one, is bad?

Yes, we are superior, because we have porn-on-demand and they do not.

Kim Jong Un sure is getting fat.
A million dollars worth of Henny a year will do that.

Well, that's...

A little on-the-nose, don't you think?
Maggot Brain
as a bleeding heart liberal I'm perfectly fine with blowing up San Francisco.
This guy is gonna have a heart attack during some event surrounded by a ton of people, and he's going to shit himself so hard he will forever give a lie to the notion that he is a perfect waste-destroying god emperor, casting a seed of doubt that will grow roots so deep it will eventually shatter the DPRK.

Haha, just kidding! Anyone high enough up in North Korean society to be within 100 feet of Glorious Leader at such an event already knows everything is a sham and will be the first licking it up off the floor shouting "Glorious Leader's final gift was pure dark chocolate!"
The End of North Koreavangelion
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