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Desc:Local government board meeting turns into verbal Jerry Springer
Category:News & Politics
Tags:local government, this whole ROOM is out of order!
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Comment count is 10
Watching this is way more entertaining than it should be.
We never really grow up, do we?
Civus Romanus
amusing that most of the venom is over the minutiae of the rules and not the issue
True but it's really just the result of passive aggressive behavior trying to effort the venting of vitriol using legal procedural differences as a platform.

So many unhealthy bodies in this video.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Every meeting of every local government that I have ever seen is public access television gold.
Maggot Brain
"According to Robert's Rules..."

"According to Robert's Rules you're an ass hole!"
Holy shit, check out all the other Bill Sarto related clips:

-"Bindergate" in Carpentersville Bill Sarto and Ed Ritter fight!

-Bill Sarto says Carpentersville is "a bad soap opera."

-Jay Radke in shouting match with Bill Sarto

-Carpentersville President Sarto yells and walks off job

-Bill Sarto bans coughing at board meetings

Even the non-Sarto stuff is great. What a crazy town.

-Judy Sigwalt: Linda Sliwinski tried to get my son for rape!

-Judy Sigwalt accused of running down residents in her car

-Carpentersville trustee's husband threatens grandma?

"Carpentersville Trustee Judy Sigwalt says her political crony, Trustee Paul Humpher (who was convicted of domestic battery), was railroaded by President Sarto and Trustee Linda Sliwinski. Judy Sigwalt's son was caught in a sex act with Paul Humpher's wife, which Judy walked in on. (This happened the same night that Judy and Paul won their re-election for Trustees.)"

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