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Desc:What the hell is going on!?!??! Watch from about 1 minute in
Category:Short Films
Tags:Pikachu, deflating, multi-suit-men-attack
Submitted:Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
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Comment count is 25
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Ran way too fast to be Chris Chan.
They just had their innocence stolen, of course they're going to rush the imposter and later beat him off stage.
That Pikachu tried to stop the beat.
Oscar Wildcat
Eight guys for line dancing pikachus? Do fist fights and gun violence usually follow this kind of thing? Help me out here, I'm old.
infinite zest
In Japan, the name means "Pocket Monsters" and they take things literally

Oscar Wildcat
I've seen the real kind, they bark at you like tiny shrill dogs from high atop a pile of rocks. When you get close, they scurry away. That's the extent of the fight in them. I mean, you can kill one by accident just stepping on it, so fighting monster this thing ain't.

Caminante Nocturno
Security caught sight of someone with a big red 'R' on their shirt reaching into their pocket and had to act fast.
Hugo Gorilla
Two or three guys rushing out to escort a leaking Pikachu off the stage I understand. The dancer was probably having trouble seeing with a deflated head crumbling around him and needed to be guided off stage. Not to mention saving dozens of Korean parents from explain why Pikachu was melting.

Eight panicked men just made it more of a spectacle.
Maggot Brain
I counted nine people coming out on stage to help that pikachu and at lest and at lest three back stage. It's like the rapid decompression of the suit could have killed the dancer.

It probably could have.

Hairspray with pikachus?

Japan is superior.
Disney will fire a character actor on the spot if they allowed guests to see the costume without a head on. It's a very big deal with them.
blue vein steel
I worked at Chucky Cheese in high school, and one night a friend was Chucky for a birthday party. As he walked out, he tripped and fell face first, and the head rolled away as he hit the floor. Needless to say, the children were horrified and the parents where pissed as hell. My other friend/co-worker, who was a Chucky par excellence, had to quickly suit up and go put on the performance of a lifetime for about 20 minutes. I think he was actually skanking on top of a table and throwing tokens like mardi gras beads at one point.

blue vein steel
i wish we were creative/smart enough then to have thought up having the 2nd Chucky come out and do mop-stick battle with the imposter Chucky.

blue vein steel
The Saddest Pikachu
Binro the Heretic
SHIT! It's devolving into a pichu.

Get it out of there. Get it out of there, NOW!
Who was in that suit? Shinzo Abe?
How awesome would that be

Watch to the end, or FF to the last 30 seconds when the failure reappears.
blue vein steel
Clearly this is South Korea; Pikachu would have been summarily executed in the North
Off to Siberia!

Security thought the guy in white was an intruder and were initially trying to stop him.
Aw, it cuts out before he rejoins the herd, and is immediately devoured when they sense his weakness.
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