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Desc:Uhh huh uhh huh
Category:Short Films, Humor
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Comment count is 19
Somehow, this was way more awful than I expected it to be.
Oh, five stars!

Made it 33 seconds!

This is like 70% of Internet porn now.
I was flipping through a porno magazine in a liquor store a few years ago--after not having seen one in a long time--and I was kinda shocked to see pissing getting worked into a lot of the pictorials. Not because I think it's gross, but because I just thought it was too much of a niche thing to be included in a big, glossy porno mag. Curious (and very, very aroused by all that disgusting, filthy piss, natch) I flipped through a few more and, sure enough, found a couple more photo shoots that involved urine. I predicted then that shitting would be our next cultural taboo phase, but it looks like I was wrong and we moved onto incest.

So I guess our questions to collectively ponder for Friday is: "Is incest the new pissing?"

ALSO... come on society, INCEST? From what I've seen, a lot of it isn't even the cop-out "step sibling" variety (which is... better? right?), but father and daughter situations. Really everybody? I might be in the minority, but thinking about having sex with anyone who sees me as a father figure is 100% repulsive.

Hey, I'm pretty much okay with people watching whatever kind of porn they want, as long nobody gets hurt in non-consensual ways during the production, I just can't fathom the underlying desire for this particular kink.

I mean.... I know that it's inherently appealing to some people to imagine putting their dick where it isn't supposed to go and sexual transgression is a thing people seem to love, but I still don't get the incest angle.

"So I guess our questions to collectively ponder for Friday is: 'Is incest the new pissing?'"

I'll make sure to bring this up with the group at Bingo this Saturday.

I imagine most are into incest porn for its inherent wrongness, taboo nature and representation of a complete societal breakdown - humans reduced to animals, fucking with no boundaries or morals. They probably don't want to fuck their actual families in real life. Then there are some who probably do want to bang their family members and it's a fulfillment fantasy. Perhaps if the perusers of this niche ever had kids of their own it would get awkward quick and they'd drop.

Maybe it's the new pissing, maybe not. Maybe it's filthy, but just filthy enough that it doesn't involve scat or pee. All I know is incest porn has blown up. "Brother" or "daddy" or "mom" in every other video title on every streaming site. It's the most popular category on Literotica.

This does raise an interesting question. When people get tired of incest porn, what's next?

On the other hand, incest themes aren't new to porn. The 'Taboo' series of the 70s and 80s attests to that, and there are dozens of other Golden Age, 8mm and VHS titles as examples. I read a quote somewhere (that I wish I could find) where someone with letters after his name called incest "the nucleus of pornography," and this was from decades ago. I guess the only difference is that now it has gotten super popular and every wanker wants to invest in it.

I'll tell you what's next: a total regression. Re-install all the taboos so we can slowly tear them down again over the next 100 years. For the next few decades it's gonna be people getting scandalized and uncontrollably aroused by the sight of a woman's ankle. Entire towns scandalized by the sight of a couple holding hands when they're not married (merely engaged!) Riots ensue when a young lady says the word "bulge" in public.

Skin magazines return to underwear catalogs we find in the woods.

Robin Kestrel
Masturbating to a piece of extra-curvey driftwood I found on the beach.

The short answer is beastiality.

Incidentally I just think it's economics. People who look at regular porn don't pay for it anymore, they just go on tumblr and what-have-you. So I don't think that people in general are turning into incestuous piss-freaks so much as fetish people are more willing to pay for their porn and the industry is doing what it can to survive.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Is analingus the new cunnilingus?

I don't think people are turning into incestuous piss freaks because I think people have always been incestuous piss freaks at a pretty steady rate, I just think we're at a time in human history where people are more public about it than they've been in a long time.

'When people get tired of incest porn, what's next?'

Sloth Hentai. I'm working on a character named 'Slowpoke'.
I guess I don't get to star in that or...?

Well, if gravelstudios wasn't correct about the Dondel Dok video...we certainly are on that list now.
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