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Desc:Jeffrey Combs has a brief conversation with Worf.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:star trek, deep space nine, Worf, Michael Dorn, Jeffrey Combs
Submitted:William Burns
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Resubmit:William Burns

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Comment count is 16
Hee hee, the Breen. I'm pretty sure they were the inspiration behind Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises".

This episode was near the end of the series, and it was a pretty good ride to the end. Damar there becomes a terrorist / freedom fighter for Cardassia, taking his cues from Major Kira who had been a terrorist / freedom fighter AGAINST Cardassians. And Ezri Dax saves the Klingon Empire, proving that the job of "Federation counselor" actually has its uses.
Speaking of Batman, Gotham WASTED Jeffrey Combs. He should've played either The Question or The Scarecrow's dad. Instead they gave him a two episode goon role for the Toymaker, who isn't even a Batman villain accurately.

Wonderella calls that show "How I Met Your Joker".

The Breen are the worst Boba Fett cosplayers in the galaxy, but at least they're committed.

Their interpretation of the Joker is actually pretty good.

"BREAKING NEWS: Joker's Real Name Revealed to Be Martha, Batman Instantly Surrenders" - Wonderella

You know the Dominion is loaded when they can book Daft Punk to play at their executions.
Kid Fenris
Hey, they're wearing the same masks that Leia used for her bounty hunter disguise in Return of the Jedi! Star Trek and Star Wars really ARE set in the same universe!
*breathes in*

Ah, my favourite Demar scene
Damar is underrated -- he did a pretty good job as a tyrannical asshole who eventually found himself on the other side of the fasces and came to see the future needs to be made into something better.

Garak is of course the best Cardassian.

The Cardassian actors made this show watchable. I would religiously watch a show centered around them.

Plus he drinks booze out of a space bong.

Garak was the best character in all of Star Trek.

It's true, the Kardashians really are ruthless.
Can't look at those guys and not think of Princess Leia's disguise.
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