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Desc:Bethune-Cookman University's class of 2017 stands, turns its back on her, and boos
Tags:CNN, Betsy DeVos, boos, bethune cookman university
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Comment count is 20
All I heard was "blah blah blah 250k honorarium blah blah blah smoke up my own ass, blah blah 2017."
The college made a tragic mistake when they mispelled her name on the program as Betsy Boo-urns.
infinite zest
Eh.. they'll spin it as "fake boos"

Maggot Brain
alternative cheers

When the president chided them and threatened to have their degrees mailed to them they should have just walked out.
The college president is Dr. Ruckus.

infinite zest
Yeah I made the mistake of going to mine, twice. Well one year it was me going for a friend so he could lie to his girlfriend and say he was there and not passed out on the front lawn. Anyway the commencement was actor Bradley Whitford one year and then some local Wisconsin farm owner telling us graduates about organic farming the other. These were both commencement speakers for the college of Letters and Science, mind you.

infinite zest
but dude, by far the best part of this was when the president finally seems to quiet them down. Then she starts speaking again.

IZ: Brad Whitford? Haha, why? I wasn't about to miss mine. I went to an engineering school of mostly guys so having Tom Clancy give our commencement speech in the early 90's was like one flash-mob nerd boner.

infinite zest
That's awesome. Bradley lives in Madison Wisconsin anyway so I sort of knew him as he'd come into my store once in a while. It was neat and he's a super-cool guy but I thought it seemed weird for such a broad major. The organic farm lady was actually for my own commencement, but I remembered I went to one other which was far more worse, if not at all random- my brother's graduation from Yale in 2001 had not only H-Dogg but Dubya as well. I think one of them was the commencement speaker and the other doing Class Day. I wasn't in the class nor did I attend Yale but I turned my back twice in two days and I'm still not ashamed of it. 2001 was a long mothfucking time ago.

Due to a bookkeeping error I managed to get two different diplomas (with different dates) for the same degree without attending any kind of graduation ceremonies at all.

infinite zest
I had a similar experience. I was a comparative literature major and in my senior year the head of the department got busted in an underage sex sting (at a Subway Sandwiches parking lot no less). The legitimacy of the program (vs. the traditional English major) was already in question, and this scandal didn't help. Luckily the faculty was able to throw enough of my comp lit classes (which were also Philosophy requirements) into some hodgepodge Frankenmajor, but it doesn't say anything on my diploma.

Tom Clancy, especially at that time, sounds awesome. I wonder if he'd know that more people would come to know his name from a video game franchise than as a writer, not that his film adaptations aren't already great or anything.

I may start wearing a Bethune-Cookman shirt after this
Maybe she should talk to Worf.
Two Jar Slave
Have these

Take mine too

William Burns
Man, I'm gonna start telling people to go talk to Worf.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I find this amusing..

http://www.paddypower.com/bet/politics/other-politics/donald-t rump?ev_oc_grp_ids=2944322
Binro the Heretic
What the fuck was that asshole even doing there?

Who would invite a piece of shit like that to deliver the commencement?
Rhetorical question?

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