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Desc:Once again Japan shows us how its done, whatever 'it' is, but it apparently involves vans and lights
Category:Science & Technology, Religious
Tags:Lights, Japan, Neon, LED, vans
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When you want to take the DJ section of guitar center everywhere you go.
"Van" is a bit of a stretch here. You couldn't even fit a minibar in most of those.
infinite zest
Heck, I read it as "Vans" the sneaker, like an adult version of those stupid light-up shoes misbehaved kids at the Zoo like to wear.

♫♪Ridin' high on ecstasy in my mini-van♪♫
Popcorn and the Crazy Frog Axel F thing.

Still popular in Japan.
infinite zest
That whole bullshit just sailed right past the United States unnoticed, one of the few times where I can say that I'm proud to be an American.

I love this. Thanks for letting me know what the name of that "Popcorn" song was - I'm getting Gershon Kingley's 1969 version of the song for my music player right now.
Drive to your late nineties LAN party IN your over decorated computer case!
Binro the Heretic
A whole squadron of these are chasing Roger Ailes through Hell right now.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
The guys filming definitely sound high.
I could do with less mocking laughter, but I'm a sucker for any footage from these big impromptu Japanese car shows. It might not be my "scene" but it seems like everyone is having a lot of fun. For this kind of thing, I like the Noriyaro channel on YT. I feel like that guy does the "foreign guy living in Japan for the cars" thing right in that he's respectful and really enthusiastic about his car niche (drifting, primarily).

Also, I'm a connoisseur of the occasional custom van, and I would put Japanese vans up against any custom vans from any part of the world. Even their traditionally custom hotrod vans seem to be cooler on average than our stuff in the US, not to mention the Boso/Art Deco stuff, which have to be the most ludicrous vehicles ever.


These are known colloquially as "Batvans", which I appreciate. Tell me that isn't a joy to behold...
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