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Desc:In Washington, DC.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:turkey, tag suggestions welcome, boot to the head
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Comment count is 11
It's starting to look likely that an episode of civil unrest will erupt in summer 2017.

Trump supporters, Antifa's, alt-righties, paid protest-busters...hard to say who will devolve into a riot but somebody could eventually. Maybe more than one group!
The way you put it, seems so exciting!

That's how France has been doing it for like 50 years.

Civil unrest in Paris every summer, after classes get out. At least that's the stereotype I've heard from French people for decades.

We've still got a long way to go before we reach Nixon era levels of unrest, though. A long way.

State Dept is apparently looking to ID the bodyguards
Some quality serving and protecting!
I saw at least one person get served pretty good.

Five because I have a fetish for Turks.

What was this fight over exactly?
nuke everything
Not going to happen before August.

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