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Category:News & Politics
Tags:donald trump, cspan, Al Green, impeach trump, comey
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I would go out on a limb and say nothing is going to happen because the Republicans put party before country, but lately it looks like they are going to be forced into it by Trump himself.

There is something wrong with him, he thinks this is some sort of game show or maybe he had a stroke? He is more focused on promoting himself than on fulfilling his office.
There is nothing wrong with him by the American standard.

He's a pure capitalist so of course self-interest is more important than anything.

He is the refined product of the last 40-60 years of American leaders and media glorifying and deifying greed.

AKA; this is what it looks like when a businessman runs the government. Is it as glorious as all the conservatives promised it would be?

Every day I'm more convinced that the "late stage neurosyphilis" theory that was already making the rounds before he even announced his candidacy might be right.

He ran for president not because he wanted the job, but to promote himself. He did not expect to win. This should not be news to anyone.

Of course there's something wrong with him. That's how he got the job.

Binro the Heretic
I recall seeing some movie or show...or likely more than one, where the main character thinks they're up against some evil genius who always seems to be two steps ahead of them, but it turns out he's just crazy and incredibly lucky, The wild moves were just stupid decisions that happened to work out until finally one didn't.

He does have small hands, which is creepy by Murkan standards. Unless his head is actually a head overtop a normal sized head, worn like a mascot face, which seems the simplest answer.

This trainwreck is almost bad enough to qualify him for a post-impeachment job of running HP.

the guy who ghost wrote Art of the Deal and a former executive in one of his companies both wrote stories recently about their personal experience with Trump

a comically short attention span, endless need for affirmation, demand for loyalty while offering none in return, shallow and emotionally stunted...

there is nothing wrong with Trump now that wasn't wrong with him decades ago, he is an unremarkable intellect, with some serious emotional immaturities, who was born rich and has only one real talent, self promotion

he won the GOP primary by taking their powerful and odious identity politics and grievance farming to the next level of disgusting yet logical conclusions, and he actually deserves some grim credit for seeing something awful for what it truly was and taking full advantage of it

I dunno...I think the Repubs might let this go on, seeing as President Pence is their consolation prize.

He ran for president not because he wanted the job, but to promote himself."

I actually know someone through work who got to listen to the voicemail Trump left for about 40 of his closest business associates (one of home the guy I know has known for decades) the day he announced his candidacy, and he did his best to recite it to me word for word when we were talking about Trump back in the primaries. I'm sure some details of phrasing have been lost at this point, but this is substantially what I heard (the parts in all caps are a direct quote):

"...I will only be available by phone for a few hours a week [details about the times he could be reached]. I'm running for President. WE'RE GOING TO BLOW THE BRAND THROUGH THE ROOF. I'LL BE BACK IN THREE MONTHS."

For some reason I can't stop drawing metal parallels between Donald Trump and Chris-Chan at this point.
Chris-chan has some integrity. Totally different.

Only difference I see is that Trump managed to find a boyfriend-free girl, at least nominally.

Both are slaves to personas they've built. Momentum is a weird thing.

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