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Desc:Boy George advertising the Karma Chameleon Telephone for US TV
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:USA, wtf, capitalism, bad ideas, Boy George
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Comment count is 19
The heavens are dark tonight, for this video has all of my stars to give.
infinite zest
Growing up I always thought this song was called 'Comma Chameleon'
Oscar Wildcat
Incredible! But for that price, they could have added the full 4th column of buttons so you'd have a proper silver box.
How many people bought this for that sweet green phone cord and tossed the rest?
infinite zest
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Karma-Chameleon-Novelty-Animated-Telephone -plays-Culture-Club-Hit-by-Boy-George-/322488217767?hash=item4b15c bb0a7:g:GyIAAOSwE0JY94d1

if we each put in $20..
I was wondering why I'd never seen one of these until the price tag came up. 80 bucks in late 80s money is a lot for a novelty telephone.

Well, a 1984 Radio Shack catalog lists a plain beige Touch-Tone desk phone at $69.95.

The price of technology has dropped drastically in the last few decades.

The Mothership
In the year 2001 Radio Shack was still selling landline phones for over $200. They're out of business now.

Oscar Wildcat
There's a dollar one available from england, it's a mess but given the vintage I suspect it could be restored fairly easily. That's a beefy looking phone, despite the plastic log exterior.

Hell, just having a fake plastic log phone that sings would be enough, if the reptile proves pooped. This thing begs for some bending.

infinite zest
Yeah I've got a Garfield phone like in Ninja Terminator and I've never even had a landline.

Mother Lumper
I don't think this phone was sold in the 80s, this is more like early to mid aughts. 9.50 for shipping and handling sounds about right for that time frame. Well, also, Boy George looks like a bowl of gaudy pudding.

http://www.infomercial-hell.com/blog/2013/06/05/karma-chameleo n-telephone/

You're right mother lumper, the production values, Boy George, and the people all look early aughts. I didn't assume this was the time period, because that would be a horrible time period to be trying to sell landline phones, especially at that price.

Oscar Wildcat
Oh that explains the last known photo look of "Boy" in the ad. Might prove difficult to fix one from that period.

I really just want to know how a product like this comes together. Like do you hear the song on the radio and think "what if there was a toy that sang this song and its belly glowed red, gold and green but also it was a phone..."
infinite zest
certain songs practically hand themselves over to ideas like these; I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's some Lobster phone that plays B52s or a Dinosaur song that plays Was Not Was.

Oscar Wildcat
Some guy with a factory making novelty phones + some guy with the license to the song + greed - cocaine = This.

Only $89.95? What a steal!

I always hated how ads for products like these made it seem like you were going to get AWESOME CRYSTAL CLEAR CD QUALITY SOUND from the device. It happened a lot with toys commercials especially. They always used a high quality digital recording in the ad but then when you actually bought the thing it sounded like you were listening to am radio through a Chinese mono clock speaker that had been blown out with water damage, and that's because you usually were.
Also the fact that this ad and phone wasn't released until 2003 (20 years after the song was released) makes this kind of depressing.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Wow I seriously thought this was a gag commercial but you're telling me this was a real thing?
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