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Desc:A 1998 gay-themed pilot from Marc Collins-Rector and friends, feat. Sean William Scott
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:hollywood, 90s, gay, marc collins-rector
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Required reading:

Well. Reading those links made this video about a thousand times creepier.

Jumping around:
*Mansion Outside Shot
*Kid with his brains literally blown out, said brains on other kid, upset(?) parents
*Shirtless guy and guy making pottery
*Special Thanks: Ellen DeGeneres
*Three guys dogpiling an guy with a mullet
*A very special moment with lots of uncomfortable touching (more uncomfortable with real life context)
*Car with "struggling actor" painted on it
*90s BMW declared "totally radical" by John Connor
Had my five at DJ Walk-In
Maggot Brain
before i watch this I'm going to guess some of the names of the supporting characters; Chris, Alex, Kevin, Michael, and maybe a Brent.
Rodents of Unusual Size
that looks like the pilot guy from Lost as anti homo dad
Rodents of Unusual Size
Also I can't tell if this was written by grown pedophiles or confused 13 year olds.

I little of both actually.

Brock Pierce was heavily involved and was about 16 when the company was founded.

Fun fact, Brock Pierce play Emilio Estevez's character in the childhood flashbacks in Mighty Ducks 1 & 2.

Less fun fact, he was also accused of diddling underage teenage boys.

Also he is now a bitcoin mogul.

I've heard some pretty interesting rumors about Sean William Scott during this period, and he was quite the little minx, or so they say.
Actually, read up on this, and the conspiracy theorists have apparently heard those rumors too. Their theory is that SWS was a gay Sonderkommando, leading chickens to Bryan Singer's chicken hawks.

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