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Rangoon - 2017-06-02

Popoff should pop-off.

infinite zest - 2017-06-02

2 Kevin Garveys can't be wrong!

exy - 2017-06-02

Does this lady just film herself watching television in case a particularly ludicrous segment appears?

threerow - 2017-06-03

in this case it paid off

Killer Joe - 2017-06-03

A CHECK fromsomebody CAME TO ME FOR A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY! I WOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN THE CHECK thatireceivedforunspecifiedreasons IF I DIDN'T DRINK ithinkthatswhatyoudowithit THAT KETCHUP PACKET FULL OF tapWATER!

snothouse - 2017-06-03

I mailed away for this, because why wouldn't you, and when it arrived THE WATER HAD BROKEN IN THE ENVELOPE AND NOW MY MAILMAN'S A MILLIONAIRE.

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