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Desc:The whitest HR department on Earth (no mean feat) welcomes your soul...forever
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:rap battle, accountants, white people, finance, PwC
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Comment count is 8
I worked at a place that did very similar compulsory things. I lasted two full work days and, consequently, through two of their rituals during which I was silent and aghast. The shortest amount of time I'd held a job previous to that was five years, and ten years before that. Two days.

Really makes one question the purpose and effectiveness of stuff like this.
I guess what it does is scare away non-desperate people. I'll leave it to you to decide if that's the intended effect.

Jimmy Labatt
Oh it absolutely is.

I'd rather live in my car.

As long as we're doing roll call lets get a Sketchers tally and a ballpark YOLO tattoo figure
Rodents of Unusual Size
All my stars are for that beta male at the end. Sing, you beautiful bastard, sing!
Jimmy Labatt
Yeah, he got to me too.

Born in the RSR
The joy divisions aren't what they used to be...
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