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William Burns - 2017-06-06

Oh no not protests
Oh no not black people

Nominal - 2017-06-06

Oh no spending 20 minutes to go out and vote for the viable candidate to ensure actual racists like Trump and his people weren't elected.

Old_Zircon - 2017-06-06

Nominal, with all due respect I don't think Evergreen campus voter turnout is what lost the election.

Old_Zircon - 2017-06-06

But we can all agree, at least, that Joe Rogan is full of shit as a general rule.

Nominal - 2017-06-06

I was talking to William Burns. He was a big "a vote for Hillary is selling out your principles" proponent leading up to the election.

15th - 2017-06-06

These babies and their ilk more or less pine for the destruction of pluralism, racial integration, open debate, personal responsibility, individuality and free thought. It's quasi-Marxism and it's dangerous.

>Oh no not protests
>Oh no not black people

Good point though, maybe criticism is racist.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-06-06

I live a mile away and had no idea this is going on. But, yes, Evergreen is a school of dubious academic value that fosters cult-like behavior, and has done so for 50 years. But also there's St. Martin's across town, and the same could be said about a Catholic university.

Nominal - 2017-06-06

That's always been my beef with these people: they are increasingly indistinguishable from the religious right in their outlook, tactics, and any tangible relation to their purported tenants.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-06-06

Part of it is Evergreen's intense culture of virtue signalling. I am not a Greener, but I am part of the community (I game on the premises from time to time), and you can talk to one Greener about a controversial topic and it'll be just fine. If you talk to two Greeners about a controverial topic, then the trouble starts, because they have to establish a pecking order of who is more virtuous than the other.

The most infuriating thing to a non-Greener is how when you talk to them, they *always, literally, always* say "I'm not the typical Greener," and then proceed to talk about their semester in Venezuela writing a panflute operetta.

Louddetective - 2017-06-06

I lived in Olympia for the last 10+ years and just moved to Lakewood and had no idea about any of this either. Definitely tend to take things a lot farther than they need to, it's just as insular and echo-chamber-y there as any far-right enclave.

That being said, I think the 'dubious academic value' has more to do with a given student and what they're studying than with the institution itself, or at least that was the case a decade ago when my wife was attending. She went through their MediaWorks program and got a first-class education both on the technical side and with regards to social justice issues (which ended up being her focus much more than film). But for every student who got everything good to be had out of the place, there seemed to be five that were doing underwater basket weaving and tipping over cop cars during campus concerts.

In conclusion, I guess, what do you expect when you have so many people living in trees on the campus?

Louddetective - 2017-06-06

Also, it's still really weird running into Oly people on my longtime internet haunts.

Old_Zircon - 2017-06-06

I knew one person who went to Evergreen for her master's in film. She was really smart. Last I heard she was part of a documentary crew working on a feature in Syria that was caught off guard when the uprising hit, but apparently they stuck it out and finished the film.

infinite zest - 2017-06-06

My babysitter growing up went to Evergreen and lived with Team Dresch and stuff and got me into a bunch of Oly music at an early age and I dated an Evergreen alum a few years ago but her heroin habit got in the way. That's the geoducks for ya.

Nominal - 2017-06-06

It's impossible to find a non-retarded article on this.

On one hand you have FOX news pieces who clearly embellish with "no whites allowed" headlines.

On the other you have USA Today describing it as "student began chanting, but Weinstein would interrupt them, trying to control discussion". How dare he, trying to steer things into a discussion over the scholarly chanting approach.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2017-06-06

He's actually quite liberal. He has spent years dedicating himself to the issue of racism and awareness. It makes this entire thing ten times more ironic.

But seriously, his stories about what's actually happening there right now are mind blowing, especially the bit about the police being told to barricade themselves in their office by the dean. And the students demanding not only for the school to get rid of all police on campus (including an incredibly liberal officer who graduated from Evergreen) but for students to form THEIR OWN UNTRAINED "COMMUNITY" POLICE UNIT. Because seriously, that part of this whole equation bumps this story up a few notches into Crazyland territory.

You can one star this because of all the shitty articles out there, but this man has done nothing wrong.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-06-06

There was blood in the water after the election of Trump and somebody was going to draw the card. Shame it had to be you, duder.

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-06-06

Dude is getting a lot of money to be a daycare worker for the wealthy. What he should have done was suggest that one day isn't enough, a week is what is required. Then, vacay in Europe, funded by a week of paid absence. This ain't rocket surgery, Bret!

infinite zest - 2017-06-06

Here's a pretty good synopsis of the whole thing from the Stranger, which is a Washington-based source worth trusting:


Probably nothing too revelatory and the campus reopened today, but it's a good read nonetheless if you were as confused as I was.

Old_Zircon - 2017-06-06

Can someone catch me up on this? Because what I heard when this started a couple weeks ago was that he doxxed a bunch of students for being "SJWs" or something on some right/libertarian-leaning message board and/r Reddit and opened up a floodgate of harassment, death threats, racist graffiti and swastikas appearing on campus and so on, and the protests are a response to that.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-06-06

Going on Rogan is a tell that you're not as progressive as you think you are. Rogan is the first step on the sliding tile to Alex Jones.

15th - 2017-06-06

The original thing I read that caused the hub bub, is that some students wanted to force whites to stay home for a day, as some sort of super progressive tip of the hat to segregation.

Baldr - 2017-06-06

The background is that this professor has been gadflying around his college's faculty meetings and email lists for about a year. Specifically he's spent a lot of time calling out his college's equity committee for interfering with hiring processes and generally being inept. A few months ago he also objected to a new version of an anti-racism day where white people were asked to leave campus.

Then there was a racial incident on campus where one student accused two others of assault, and those two students were held by police for several hours in conditions that may or may not have been inappropriate. There are so many conflicting accounts about the detainment that I can't tell what happened, but all of this culminated in a mob of students running into this professor's classroom to scream at him. There are videos of him attempting to have a conversation with the mob, and they make the professor look like the most charitable person on the planet.

After security was called the student mob decided to go fuck with the president. There are also videos of that, and they're not pleasant to watch. There was also a faculty meeting where the professor was screamed at by a lot of people and not given the opportunity to speak. In the following days the professor was told by the chief of police that he should stay off campus because his safety wasn't guaranteed, and he heard reports of campus mobs looking for him.

It was clear to anyone familiar with academia that this guy was going to lose his job, so he did something unexpected and waged a scorched earth PR war against the college and the president. He went on Fox News, interviewed on podcasts, and wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal. I have a lot of respect for his decision; it's like throwing as many punches as possible before you get stuffed in the wicker man. While this was going on the campus kept being closed because of public shooting threats, and I can't tell if it was people from the college trying to reframe themselves as victims, or alt-right assholes. Both groups are so shitty that either scenario is plausible.

His college is totally fucked though. The lesson of the University of Missouri is that no one will enroll at your college after you get this sort of publicity. On one hand, I can see why the other faculty are pissed and fifty of them signed a petition against this professor. A lot of them aren't going to have jobs in two years. On the other hand, if you get thrown under the bus there's no reason to just sit there and take it. If I were on a search committee and saw this professor's application come up I wouldn't count any of this against him.

Monkey Napoleon - 2017-06-06

There is a traditional day out of the year where POC don't show up and meet off campus to discuss racism and POC thangs.

This year, I assume the organizers(?) decided the way they should do it is hold the event on campus, and "ask" non-POC to not show up that day.

This guy is all "but isn't that sort of changing the dynamic in a way that's racist either way"


Nominal - 2017-06-06

Who knew Buggin' Out was the future of academia.

Maggot Brain - 2017-06-06

I guess the take away here is never go to Pacific Northwest.

somedongus - 2017-06-08


Nominal - 2017-06-06

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