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Desc:Dual-wielding Yamaha DX-7s!
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Anime, Japan, the 80s, blade runner, Bubblegum Crisis
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Whatever this is about, I feel like I should be doing pushups and sunrise beach sprints, emptying water buckets to the tops of poles, eating raw eggs, lighting my farts on fire and juggling live salmon.
Dodging in between criss-crossed strands of barbed wire, punching a heavy bag while its on fire, doing my taxes blindfolded with an abacus, holding myself horizontal on a vertical bar in a subway running through the rough part of town, strapping a washing machine to my back and running up stone stairs to an ancient temple and when I make it to the top I just clench my fists and scream at the sky.

... all the while in a lycra onsie with a raging boner.

Feels like a warm sunshine glow up my weaboo veins.
I personally never developed much of a taste for Japanese pop culture in general but I appreciate the ridiculousness of everything about their stage presentation.

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