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Desc:Rain Florence reaches a whole new vegetative state of attention whoring
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:masturbation, cucumber, batshit, Rain Florence, tragic or hilarious?
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Comment count is 13
So naturally belongs with "Great Blue Heron swallowing a big muskrat".

"Tragicomic" is the tag you're looking for, Jang.

On paper there's nothing wrong with anything she's saying in this. It's all in the delivery.
Maggot Brain
Cucumber Masturbation Video Leek!
Born in the RSR
Romanian joke with no context:

How does an Oltenian pregnancy test work?

The woman inserts a leek in her vagina, if it comes out with a chunk bitten off, means she's pregnant.

Maggot Brain
you come from a wise and ancient people.

Justified and ancient.

Oopsie!, theres lewd material of me out there, dont look for it! Oh and heres my patreon where I will explore similiar stuff, what a dashing coincidence you guys!
Thanks for perfectly encapsulating why this lady bugged the hell out of me. I couldn't quite put my finger on it... no pun intended.

When it rains it pours.
So, would this be sexy or horrifying to watch? She said she made it for her boyfriend so I assume she was younger and not such a crazy looking vampire monster.
I would bet anything she has never even trimmed a single pubic hair so I will go with horrifying.

John Holmes Motherfucker
If masturbation is part of health, you're doing it wrong.
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