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Desc:Only took 14 years
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:beyond good and evil, michel ancel, Yeah its real
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Comment count is 17
Umm...kinda jarringly not remotely the same tone as the original. I mean, I hope it's a good game, but this seems less charming and subtle as the original was and more "THE ANIMAL MAN SAID A CUSS AND WAS NAUGHTY, EDGE STATUS CONFIRMED!!"
infinite zest
Based on the title I always sort of assumed it was for an older audience, but not the "unrated blu ray edition" audience that gets gitty when Batman says "oh shit." The other day I saw an aging punk on the bus with a t-shirt that read "I may be old but I saw all the good bands." I never thought I'd get old enough myself to say the same thing about video games.

Yeah, I don't remember every third word being "fuck" in the original.

infinite zest
Well the French DO interpret nietzsche differently..

Edgy? Gritty? I never played the original but this felt very light hearted and fun to me. But yeah swears in a trailer like this is dumb.

Charm? Vivid cartoon colors?

Can we get a gritty, realistic Rayman reboot next?
infinite zest
Why do that when you can take the gritty strategy action of Xcom and put it into a shiny Mario/Rayman crossover? No seriously does ubisoft have some un-diagnosed communicable bi-polar disorder?

I've never played the original even though I've been meaning to for years. Perhaps I'll have to rectify that soon. It's got one of the most devout cult followings of any commercial failure video game I've ever seen.

Even though there's no gameplay here I really like what I'm seeing. I love the setting and the way everything looks. If the game's tone is anything like this trailer it'll be damn fun.
The HD remake for the Xbox 360 is playable on Xbox One now. It really is an excellent game, though perhaps a bit dated.

Kid Fenris
As much as I respect what the original BG&E tried to do, it's a boring game on almost every front.

This looks worse, though.
William Burns
When do I get a new Timesplitters?
Man, Future Perfect was a blast.

Considering what a bomb-on-arrival Homefront Revolution was, probably never!

infinite zest
with all the TF2 clones out there, you'd think one of them would have gameplay that reminds me of TS. But I've mentioned it before, and until that game comes (if ever) Goldeneye Source is a pretty good substitute.

Wilhelm scream @ 2:17.
Binro the Heretic
But do you think the racism is blatant enough to appeal to an American audience?
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