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Desc:an ultra-right redneck gives his reasons for cradlerobbing
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:Redneck, pedophile, tradition, values, mra
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Comment count is 14
Quad9Damage - 2017-06-25
I’ll spare you 33 minutes of the uncle from your darkest childhood nightmares if you wish. To wit:

Women are worthless except for breeding. Elvis never fucked his groupies because he had a thirteen-year-old wife-slave at home; Priscilla’s entire worth as a human centered around her being a barely teenaged trophy wife. Piercings or tattoos are “disgusting” and devalue women on the marriage auction block. Men don’t want to marry women who can’t be impregnated. When women turn 30 they become useless, giving husbands the divine right to move underaged concubines into the house. College graduates are 26. Planned Parenthood sells dead baby parts. The Earth is flat.

He then LITERALLY, UNIORNICALLY, states “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed” as if anyone ever meant it as anything other than an old dirty joke. He closes by saying he would gladly go overseas and git hisself a foreign 13-year-old wife or pluck one out of them illegal Mexicans crossing the border.
Rangoon - 2017-06-25
So, who wants to take bets on how many bodies will be found at his house? I'm willing to bet a dozen or so.

M-DEEM - 2017-06-25
Stashing that many bodies would require forethought, intelligence and discretion. I give him like 2 and tons of animals

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-06-25
I just heard someone on the radio talking about this. Apparently, in the US, there is no minimum age for marriage in most states, and those that do can range as low as 13, with 16 being the broader standard.

Mind you, this is lower than both the age of legal consent, and the age you can even do basic things like enter into a contract ( important if you want to say, get divorced ). This activist was talking about how he thought it would be a no brainer to get more stringent laws passed ( who's going to be pro fucking underage children? ). Well, he found out, it proved impossible to make headway. Fundies like to fuck children, and how they get away with it is to marry them. So they blocked any attempt to legislate on this issue. Amazing, no? But there you go.
kingofthenothing - 2017-06-25

I need a drink.

SolRo - 2017-06-25
buht, buht, moohahmud is a pedo!

Gmork - 2017-06-25
...how does christians being pedo invalidate muhammad's child bride, exactly?

15th - 2017-06-25
I'm not great at parties and I often don't know where to lead conversations with strangers.

Thanks, Oscar!

Maggot Brain - 2017-06-25
The age of consent in the US is what ever it is in the state where you got your driver's licence. Essentially your dick never leaves the state, even if you do.

Hazelnut - 2017-06-26
"It's absolutely fine to abuse children in the Middle East, since they also do it in the Midwest." - SolRo

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-06-26
Henceforth, let us refer to that great belt of biblical girth stretched across America's stretch marks, as "The Middle West".

Anaxagoras - 2017-06-27
Holy shit... do you guys really not understand what SolRo is getting at? One of the criticisms that Islamophobes (including most Fundies) raise is that Mohammed was a pedophile. The fact that they permit pedophilia within their group highlights their own hypocrisy & dishonesty.

I would guess that SolRo doesn't approve of pedophilia in either the Mid East or the Midwest.

betamaxed - 2017-06-25
I know this is evil and deserves to be here but I couldn't find it in me to vote this up while it was in the hopper.
exy - 2017-06-26
Whats the big deal, my wife is 12 and she's smarter than me
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