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Desc:Slightly longer version of the first video i submitted 10 goddamn years ago.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:gundam, anime that doesnt suck, 08th ms team
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Narrated by Optimus Prime!
Just robots talkin' 'bout robots.

Platoon meets Romeo and Juliet (with giant robots) shouldn't be a concept that works, but...actually, what the fuck am I saying, that sounds awesome.
Kid Fenris
It's a pretty decent show up until the last few episodes, and then some dumb contrivances take hold just so it can end like every other generic mecha anime.

Maggot Brain
"We gotta have the big robot blow up stuff!"

Maggot Brain
The whole Gundam series is a thesis on how horrible One World Government would be at running the world. In the main time line it seems like it's supper easy to build up and hide a secret army from the new world order, that shit happens every six months.

The entire series is about the Japanese being butt hurt that they threw in with the wrong side in WW2.

infinite zest
That's funny.. my first video was 8 years old on the 11th. July hopper poppers must be like August weddings in that they tend to stick it out
Maggot Brain
Still the best looking Gundam show.
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