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Rangoon - 2017-07-13


Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2017-07-13

This looks so bad...
Though I want to love it.
The tick cartoon was brilliant and decades ahead of its time.
Peter Serafinowicz is a comedy genius, but he is a much better writer than actor + also has a particular style that suits him. Eg 'Look around you' . This does not look like it will suit him.

Examples of genius

https://youtu.be/zSG2pD-2O2g?list=PL5j_UHBGqdhOxRB3jxnpM-_YZeO FBvUlJ

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2017-07-13


garcet71283 - 2017-07-13

I want this to be good, so maintaining an open mind.

But we already had a near perfect live-action Tick, and it got killed after one season.

namtar - 2017-07-13

We had a low budget sitcom where any action took place off screen.

rastarat - 2017-07-14

Yep, this has nothing on the original live action.

duck&cover - 2017-07-14

Makes me nostalgic for Patrick Warburton.

poorwill - 2017-07-13

Flaming Carrot >>>>>>>>> The Tick

reifiedandrefined - 2017-07-15

someone should attempt a ralph snart cartoon.

Hooker - 2017-07-14

Why is a fucking Amazon TV show region-blocked?

love - 2017-07-14

I'm excited, the test-pilot episode or whatever it's called was great. I had very low expectations and a lot of trepidation about it, but it was really good. It's not the same as the first live action show or the cartoon, it put some focus on the psychological damage people endure from having super heroes and villains running around. So that will piss some people off I'm sure and shorten its run, but I'll def watch.

Maggot Brain - 2017-07-14

I'm a little confused as to why this keeps getting a reboot.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-07-14

Never mind that Venture Brothers is the Tick minus the Tick, same artist and everything.

Also, a certain POEtard who shall not be named, for he is far, far too humble, was the original choice for Arthur's voice until Fox Kids looked at his resume. If he reveals himself, it is his own will.

casualcollapse - 2019-07-18


Boxhead - 2017-07-14

The pilot episode was good, and I'm excited.. though the pilot was also semi-pushing this 'Tick only exists in Arthur's head' suggestion that i hope is dropped like bad pork.

i think the time is right for a mainstream superhero parody.

This one is also a little grim n gritty.. which in my opinion the Tick needs (though the original comic didn't really have it)

Hailey2006 - 2017-07-14

Anyone else think the guy playing him is a little like Adam West?

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