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Desc:Topless protesters attempt to shut down the noted filmmaker/daughter fucker during jazz show
Category:Arts, Crime
Tags:Sexual Abuse, Woody Allen, Clarinet, FEMEN, crazy from all sides
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Comment count is 19
Read it as Fremen members crash Woody Allen concert.

Reserving stars for shai hulud.

(not the bird)

It happened in Hamburg, but seems like the most New York thing that could happen.
Stars for being the most watchable film Woody has been involved with in decades.
Like a scene from an early Woody Allen movie, really.
I'm not sure how I feel about FEMEN in general, but their tactics seem singularly ineffective when used on rank misogynists like Allen; the misogynists get a free show that they actually like, and (I would imagine) the majority of the attracted audience would be other misogynists.

*shrug* Then again, what do I know? Maybe they've worked it out and it furthers their goals somehow.
I'm not sure if most misogynists are 100 year old guys who play shitty jazz!

This honestly seems like low hanging fruit of the worst order, especially for a group trying to be as edgy as Femen. It'd be like Antifa showing up a Liza Minnelli event because one time she performed at Sun City.

Maggot Brain
Considering that is RT and how they buy into to the idea of a pedophilia elite I'd say they win they crazy prize

I hope this do this at every event attended by Woody Allen the disgusting pedophile.
infinite zest
I hope they do this at every event attended by Woody Allen the distinguished filmmaker.

Mister Yuck
I hope they do this at every event attended by me, a disgusting boob oggler.

Maggot Brain
Play 'em off, Pedos.


infinite zest
Take the Stars and Run

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
The spice must flow.
Jack Dalton
Sometimes when you are at a Woody Allen concert you have to make your own fun.
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