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Desc:Paximum Overdrive
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Classic Movies
Tags:1993, john hurt, sax, bill paxton, kid death
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Comment count is 3
betamaxed - 2017-07-16
The sax and guitar soundtrack never lets up in this
BHWW - 2017-07-16
I remember watching this. It was like an actual movie, starring actors you might recognize.

Monolith reminded me of this one person I knew, a wannabe-movie maker. The comic book/tv cartoon writer Mark Evanier had folks like this in mind in his references to "unfinanced entrepreneurs" - those people who are attempting to put together a movie/TV show/comic book/strip/video game (pick one) — but not in the way that real producers or publishers do, in that real producers and publishers have money or access to money - unfinanced entrepreneurs don't have any money or, if they do, they're not dumb enough to risk it on their own projects. They want to beg, wheedle, hustle or scheme creative folks into creating for little or no money. They want these people - to take their little idea, their project, and "flesh it out, jazz it up, draw it out, or otherwise turn it into something that they can go out and sell".

Not that UE's expect people to work for free, oh no. It's that they have a GREAT idea for a piece of media, all they need is for you to help them out with a script or artwork or something, and while they can't pay you anything right now, when their idea is a hit and it WILL BE a HIT because it's GENIUS, you the creative will be sure to be included when the cash flows in like gravy. They try to sweet talk people into working "on spec", really and start heming and hawing when the talk turns to actual 'payment'.

So this wannabe movie maker, who had been trying to launch a career for nearly ten years or so had genius script treatments and ideas erupting from his brow but could never get the money or backing to execute them in the most fitting, big budget way.

Mind you, he had made a couple of film shorts, none of which had ever been distributed outside of the area he lived, and probably had never been seen by anyone after the initial screening for the cast and friends and family of the cast. His big idea, the one he'd been trying to hustle others into helping him flesh out, sounded vaguely to me like 'Monolith' here - his big pitch was that this movie was going to be like "The X-Files meets Lethal Weapon!" I don't believe he ever heard of Monolith (which predates the X-Files and other such stuff, of course) but then he really didn't have much to the concept besides vague notions that UFO conspiracies were going to be involved, there was going to be SLAM-BANG ACTION and that if only a decent screenwriter and maybe some other people got involved, like, an artist to whip up some cool 'concept art', etc. he was sitting on a movie that was going to launch Hollywood bidding wars and eventually make it to the big screen and bring in box office exceeding that of the combined grosses of George Lucas and James Cameron.
Born in the RSR - 2017-07-17
^ ^ ^

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