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Tags:PoeTV Monday Night RAW
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Monkey Napoleon
I expect you to make me think, scrimm.

Think Hard is the Nic Cage reboot of Mindwalk.

It's true, these movies will make you think long and hard about your life choices up to this point!

What doesn't?

shallow sex when I'm bombed out of my gourd

So glad I went to school to learn about affirming the consequent, or I'd be in the middle of a conceptual crisis right now.
After Monday night the consequentces will never be the same!

Great trailer by the way!

Born in the RSR
Finally, a Bud Spencer movie! It took us long enough.
Hell yeah! The one we're watching is "Watch Out, We're Mad", which is my favorite of the non western Terrence Hill/Bud Spencer movies.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I hope all those clips are from the same movie. (most amazing film ever)
Also did one of ye make that music?
The music is by an artist called CN and can be found here:


The movies we'll be watching are as follows.

The Deadly Spawn
Watch Out, We're Mad!
The Devil's Due (special Scrimmjob edit)
Future Kill
Supersonic Man

Join the chat at #PoeTV on irc.freenode.net

Movies streamed at http://streamdumpster.tk/Scrimm/

Monday July 17th at 6PM EST
Nice job, Scrimm. Looks heavy on the smashing and assholery, which is exciting.

In time, we could have enough of these to have a poeTV MNR promo festival.
I'm all in for the motorcycle assholes
Monkey Napoleon
If you've popped in to a MNR in the past and haven't been in awhile, things have changed a little bit. We've crowd-funded the money to pay for own private stream host over at http://streamdumpster.tk geared towards private use specifically for this purpose. It's a lot more reliable and nicer quality than anything we were using before.

Come check it out!
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