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Desc:Prepare to have this stuck in your head. And in your face.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:John Travolta, perfect, Jamie Lee Curtis, erotic nightmares, SWING!
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Is it safe to now initiate SWING! week?
Caminante Nocturno
This music is shit, so I muted it and played Call on Me by Eric Prydz over this, which is what should have been playing in the first goddamn place.
Hey I'm in a McDonald's using their WiFi and I had to stop this. There is a family eating breakfast adjacent to me and my Iced Coffee/GHb/Vodka drink excuse for me to even be sitting here. But this made me feel like a degenerate pervert. Someone could have seen the screen but they didn't.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
At least its not a prolapsed colon or weird parasite removal or some shit.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Though I havent watched so maybe those things *do* feature

Hegemony Cricket
I think at least one of the depositions describes Travolta's anus as a "prolapsed parasite."

I'd take away stars even, if I could
Why? It has excellent cinematography, excellent editing, brilliant casting (except for the ugly guy wearing tiny grey shorts), brilliant costume design, superb set design, unique objectivity, and above all else an awesome soundtrack.

Thats all true and I should know better... except Gypsy Dildo doesn't like rap music!

(Seeing my comments 5 months later. I didn't mean to sound like a dick, was just describing the sad/funny situation of being a refugee in McDonald's one morning and momentarily self-conscious, hence why I commented)

Eh, happens to everyone, don't sweat it.

I think it's about time the "Erotic Nightmares" tag makes a comeback


5 for all that 80s long ass.
even as a kid I was like, no thanks, to that long skinny white ass. Thank god the 2000's came by and bubble butts became the norm

Adham Nu'man
I'm with Simillion. I hated 80s long ass since back in the 80s.

but mom jeans hung so well off of them!

The Mothership
My high school science teacher claimed his sister had the same gynecologist as Jamie Lee and told her the rumor that Jamie Lee is transgender is totally true.

Robin Kestrel
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