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Desc:'We're gonna kill all of ya'
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:hambeast, wal-mart, bad hair, womanthing, Islamophobia
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U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!
If she had a Southern accent, she'd be the spitting image of someone I went school with. Older maybe, but the people down here age like milk.
Really the worst part of Trump winning the election is it has emboldened all these closet racists to speak their minds, destroying relationships, friendships and careers. Or maybe that's the best part. I dunno, I can't decide.
Unless they worked at ICE, in which case the out-of-the-closet racism got them a promotion.

5 for "You're fat, you can't do anything."
A model Christian.
Apparently she was instantly fired from her job when this hit the net, so there's at least that.
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