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Desc:Too many cooks spoil the broth is more than a cute saying.
Tags:martha stewart, julia child, Jacques Pépin, bearnaise sauce
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Comment count is 4
Oscar Wildcat
Pure evil!

I've seen a lot of Julia's show, and invariably when she has a guest on, it's like two old friends who've not seen each other for some time. With the notable exception of Martha Stewart. If you look around, there is an episode she does with just Martha. It's like watching a big old barn cat defend her territory from an interloper. Jacque looks pretty pissed at her as well. Martha must be quite the turd to get that kind of reaction.
Space Odin
1) RIP Julia, you will live until the end of the Nine Worlds in Sauce Valhalla

2) Jacques Pepin is a fucking beast.

3) Martha Stewart is still my favorite white-collar criminal.
I love them all, and Martha has redeemed herself post-prison by simply not being Donald Trump. Plus her Halloween week is always THE tackiest thing on television.

If I had infinite money I would have hired all three at the same time to just "make me something good" in the kitchen at least 3 times a week. Most of that money would go to the entertainment of hearing the bickering.
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