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Desc:Trae on neo nazis
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Nazis, Virginia, confederate flag, Liberal Redneck, Trae Crowder
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Comment count is 24
Virginia, for lovers and hams.
I wonder if he has any videos explaining how stupid it is for Antifa to wave communist flags.

I wonder if anyone can be so fucking stupid as to conflate fascism and communism...oh, wait. nevermind.

Hey I fully agree that using your constitutional rights to protest while waving the confederate flag is pretty dumb. I agree with this guy on pretty much everything.

Are you saying you don't agree that using your constitutional rights to protest while waving the hammer and sickle is dumb? I feel like it is just as dumb.

Ah yes. I completely forgot about the great communist civil war that never happened.

Or was it the communist invasion that never happened?

The communist coup d'├ętat that never happened?

Help me out here...which instance of communists trying to destroy America on a massive scale are you referring to?

Anyhow thanks for outing yourself as a true fascist boot licker, because everyone knows nothing ruffles a fascists feathers more than communism.

Well actually I meant they are both dumb because they both are using constitutional rights to wave a flag, rights that they probably wouldn't have if they were actually living under the governments those flags represent.

Now that I think about it though, a confederate nation may have implemented their own similar constitutional rights. So really, I think antifa is dumber in this comparison.

Thanks for the ridiculous and typically hysterical response though, bud.

If I had my way, we'd knock down every Confederate statue in the South and replace it with a 40' tall golden statue of General Sherman.

Haha, remember that time last weekend a no-chinned, cross-eyed guy waving a communist flag smashed his Dodge Charger into a crowd of people?

I sure don't.

Fezren, you are welcome to join James Mommyneverhuggedmesoihadtokilllibruls Fields in his new prison cell where Mandingo-tier, pipe-hitting, Alabama blacksnake motherfuckers will be opening his ass UP. You and him can compare notes about what it's like for your shit to fall out sideways.

Remember that part in the communist manifesto where it specifically calls for the ethnic cleansing of entire populations?

*reply to Fexren thread*

Trump's stance on immigration is straight out of Engels, who wrote extensively about how filthy immigrants were driving down British wages. Engels would have wholehheartedly voted for Brexit.

Not surprised commie fanboy #1 never read Engels, or any other communist philosopher.

Also, I love Virginia Ham and TeenerTot.

In Virginia ham is a vegetable.

I will add my voice to the chorus of "hams are great."

Also, meme, you made me blush.

Lovers get the hell out of the south.

(or move to Austin)

The Mothership
Dem days are over, ya'll.
My favorite thing about Charlottesville: when Black MacGyver turned a spray can into a flamethrower and drove the pig-like racists back:

http://www.theroot.com/interview-how-corey-long-fought-white-s upremacy-with-f-1797831277

Seriously, take a look at that proud Son Of The Confederacy in front: there's no way he's fully human, he's clearly got around 50% pig DNA in him. Now contrast with Black MacGyver there, just casually threatening the pig-men with fire.

Oh, and Black MacGyver is an elder care worker when he's not subduing angry virgins. I wonder what they do for a living.
infinite zest
Holy shit that's the picture of the year, the "Watchmen" reference going through my own headspace notwithstanding.

Let's take a look at that guy again: cares for the elderly, in excellent physical shape, civic-minded, can improvise garbage into weapons, nonshalantly holds a horde of white supremacists at bay, and he's only 23 years old. Any more badass and he qualifies for a free Batmobile.

infinite zest
Ooh actually Joey Badass' character from Mr. Robot! That's who's gonna play this guy in the movie.

I read The Root from time to time. They're usually OK but they spend a bit too much time talking about "SJW snowflakes" and "white tears" and various other things that are usually just race-flipped alt-right memes for me to take them completely seriously.

"race-flipped alt-right memes"

You know why they're not? Because blacks and other minorities have legitimate grievances with white America.

I don't begrudge them any schadenfreude over "white tears" and the like, and neither should you. The great majority of them aren't out to oppress anyone, but they get a little sick of white people who reveal themselves as complete pussies as soon as things don't go exactly their way.

It's kind of dumb how the writers and some readers there think fighting the alt-right and nazis is strictly for black people only and white people shouldn't do it because...police are less likely to arrest or assault them... and that's bad because black people should suffer for victory or something?

Who says that? I know Damon Young, and others, have often spoken about how "good" whites need to put up or shut up.

I stand corrected, just some in the comments.

the website layout is weird.

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