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Category:Military, Educational
Tags:islam, women, history, crusades
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Comment count is 4
rural - 2017-08-24
I don't even know where to start with this. Maybe with the difference between primary and secondary sources? Also, "beautiful" accompanied by pre-Raphaelite paintings. Gag me.
Space Odin - 2017-08-24
My favorite crusade was IV because:

Fuck Constantinople
Fuck Alexios III
Fuck Alexios V
Fuck Zara
Fuck any bitches that get between Enrico Dandolo and his fucking money
rural - 2017-08-24
One of my life goals is to make a short film set at the Christmas court of Philip of Swabia. Although all of the characters will represent actual historical figures, the costumes and set design will be of a contemporary US/UK office holiday party. The key moment, of course, will be when Philip introduces Boniface of Montferrat to Alexios IV. "Bonnie, baby! How ya been? (laughing) Hey, didn't you just get put in charge of that whole crazy attack on Egypt business? Not going so good, I heard? Lottario is going to be so pissed off, got such a stick up his... Hey, can I introduce you to a friend of mine? Real good kid, real good. Had a tough few years. His name's Alex- he was asking me about that fleet you guys put together..." At some point, fade to back, cue title:"AND THE REST, AS THEY SAY, IS HISTORY."

Dandolo was innocent.

And Innocent was dandolo.

Space Odin - 2017-08-24
I want to give that comment five stars merely for existing.

I'd give you six, but you'd have to work a blind joke in there somewhere.

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