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Desc:truck you
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:David Lynch, twin peaks, sarah palmer, northwestworld, bite me
Submitted:infinite zest
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John Holmes Motherfucker
Won't you smile a while for me, Sarah?
John Holmes Motherfucker
The best part of this episode is Andy, graduating from comic relief to heroic traveller between two worlds. Its the sort of development that's a surprise, but makes sense. With his innocent earnestness, Andy is the best available standin for Cooper, but maybe Albert didn't really do Gordon a favor pulling by him back from the.edge a few.episodes ago.

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like the world owed Sarah Palmer a.chance to kill somebody. I don't think this guy deserves to die for harassing Sarah, but he probably deserves to die for something. It's been suggested that the smile within is Laura. Maybe supernatural Sarah is going to turn out to be a force for good... albeit not a gentle one.
Absolutely agree that Andy was the high point of this episode, also cosigned that Sarah deserved a chance to kill someone, whether or not that's Laura inside her. This scene was great.

infinite zest
I was wondering if they'd do a sort of return to the Bookhouse Boys and what they'd do without Harry or, as it turns out, Cooper thus far anyway. Frank's a good substitute for Harry and Andy's perfect: like, maybe he was chosen because he's been there before even, which would possibly explain a few things, like was he affected and that's why he's a little bit off? Maybe how long you've been in the red room dictates how much of your soul or whatever stays there and not in your physical vessel on returning to a more reliable state of reality, etc.. I dunno. It's definitely a huge revelation for me; I've always related to Andy since I'm equally squeamish and usually those characters are merely an afterthought in crime dramas.

I was pretty thrilled that some random website had posted a still of the big dramatic part of this scene as a still so I got to see it before I watched the episode :[
infinite zest
Yeah. I usually torrent the episodes but my parents have Showtime so I watched it when I was looking after their cat maybe a month ago and the preview image was.. well it was from an episode and I might as well not spoil anything else for those who aren't as far but that image kinda ruined the buildup even though it was still a solid episode. In fact when I was looking for this I saw another clip with probably the same still you're thinking of as the preload so I used this one instead.

But honestly having talked to at least one poe member who has not watched the Twin Peaks, those folks usually don't click on these anyway. But yeah, the other website I visit on the internet every day besides this one I don't check on monday morning if I haven't seen the new TP yet because there's often spoilers in the review headline on the front goddamn page :)

I just finally got the opportunity to start watching my DVR-ed episodes a few days ago, and this episode. Holy shit.

Andy the Hero and Sarah proving that Laura wasn't the only maneater in the family.

Best series on tv right now, and there's some damn good shit out there these days.

It's a shame I was too young to appreciate the original when it was first airing. My mom and her friend liked it a lot when the first season was first airing, they were talking about it all the time while I was within earshot playing/reading/eating/whatever.
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