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Desc:All the sweet green icing flowing down...
Category:News & Politics
Tags:hannity, trump, Richard hariss
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 12
I doubt they feel anything anymore.
With Bannon rattling the sabers, it's a matter of time.
The RepubliKKKlan party is the biggest hate group in the country.
Meh, give me the compilation of sad republicans as they get arrested in airport bathrooms for having a "wide stance"
John Holmes Motherfucker
Hannity's eyes say "HELP ME, I'M LOST!"
They're all psychopaths that cant feel sadness, and most of these are scowls or pursed lips of frustration.

Step 1: Advertise inexperienced candidates as "Washington Outsiders" and oligarchs as "successful businessmen".

Step 2: Elect as many hard-line sycophants as possible, so as to minimize in-party discourse.

Step 3: Become flabbergasted when a disconcertingly unqualified one-percenter gets elected as your party's candidate.

Step 4: Act aghast when those hardcore-loyalists from before refuse to stand up against this uniquely humiliating representative.

Step 5: Do a headstand! b(,~,)d
The revolution will always eat it's own. Poor Paul Ryan doesn't even know he's three revolutions back.

Revolutions are mostly a myth anyhow. Major societal upheavals happen as a result of many unplanned, uncontrollable, synchronous factors and then an organized, linear, deliberate process of "revolution" is retconned onto history after the fact by whichever group steps into the vacuum of power, to justify the fact that they have become the thing they defined themselves in opposition to.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Never heard the original version of "MacArthur Park" before. Holy cow, it's as bad as "Walk Away Renee" is good.
That neck at 1:10.
Someone posted a link to an article about Guiliani falling down with the title "RACIST STATUE TOPPLED" and I almost spit mineral water all over my Das Kapital-themed mechanical keyboard.
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