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Desc:Tourist trap that inspired Gravity Falls.
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:optical illusions, tourist traps, Oregon Vortex
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Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Is the mysery vortex in 'sam n max hit the road' based on this?
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Also the voiceover is all wrong. Needs to be more Vincent Pricey

infinite zest
Yup. Although my 2x cd-rom and 386 never quite cut the mustard and I never finished it. I went there once as a kid and a few more times since my Orchestra camp was in nearby Ashland/Jacksonville, but mostly to smoke weedI was pretty impressed; even for total bullshit the amount of effort is impressive, like a pretty-ok street magician but honestly there's even more impressive stuff in Oregon that isn't illusions at all, especially down California-way.

The game is just wonderful, if you like the idea of an adventure game based on tacky American road trip tourist traps.

infinite zest
Yeah it was probably my favorite of the Talkies even though I didn't finish it, mostly just because I played it for the dialog as much, if not more, than the game itself and my next PC purchase down the line was already focused on Doom so I never really gave it too much afterthought. Does anyone know if the 2002 version for Windows (mentioned in the game's wikipedia) has any changes from the 1995 one that's on sale on gog.com? I remember being excited for the remastered Monkey Island 2 only to find horrible Disney-esque dialog and a whole bunch of other stupid shit and was pretty happy that they included the DOS graphics as an option in the first place.

As far as I know, Sam & Max never had a remaster or any other changes.

The Day of the Tentacle remaster is good - you can play with the original graphics, and the audio is all original but digitized in higher quality. The HD graphics look like an artist just traced the originals, nothing is really changed.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
@IZ The originals of all those games run perfectly in an emulator called scummVM. also you can get the original dos versions from abbandonware type sites (or tpb) and theyre only a couple megs.

infinite zest
Thanks! Although I'm pretty sure I'm mis-remembering voices in the CD ROM Monkey Island games (could've easily been so immersed in the atmosphere and beautiful digital music that I just added pirate voices in my head).

Well, everything DOES hang at a weird angle. That's how it works.
It's all optical illusions, but MAN do they sell it.

Man, I was just in Oregon and in that area. If only you had uploaded the video earlier.
infinite zest
Oh my. Traffic's gotten progressively worse here since when I was a kid and all, but the traffic you probably experienced was the sun's fault. Goddamn am I glad the eclipse is over.

I drove from SoCal. Far as I'm concerned traffic was light to non-existent, other than the drive right after eclipse ended

I went to literally the same place outside of Big Fork, MT. Like, they might well have built the place from the same kit that these guys used. Identical. The slanty house was pretty cool.
Knotts Berry Farm used to have one, I'm not sure if they still do. There's one in West Virginia, too.

I thought they were talking about Eugene.
Some friends of mine run this place. About a decade ago one of them was a true believer...
infinite zest
Yeah my own dad, who perhaps a little subjectively is the smartest man in the world, still believes as well, 25 years after he blew the lid off of Santa Claus and basically the concept of any higher power for me when I was about 10.

Binro the Heretic
But do they have any badly-sculpted scientifically inaccurate concrete dinosaur statues?
This place was pretty perfectly cheesy. I just sold my station wagon that had the Oregon Vortex and World Famous Mystery House bumper sticker on it (along with, of course, my state-mandated Jake The Alligator Man sticker) and I'm feeling the loss.
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