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Desc:he was arrested later
Category:Crime, Arts
Tags:vice, Macarena, saudi arabia
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Comment count is 7
jfcaron_ca - 2017-08-25

"He was released later without charge, and given a warning about road safety, after he and his legal guardian were summoned for questioning, according to a statement from the Interior Ministry. "

"A Saudi woman caused a similar stir last month when — flouting the kingdom's conservative laws — she appeared in a short video wearing a miniskirt and crop top. The woman was also arrested and released without charge. "

I mean, for Saudi Arabia this is not very evil.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2017-08-25
For Saudi Arabia, the fact that neither of them was beheaded is fantastic news.

SolRo - 2017-08-25
Could just be because of publicity. Or their families are rich/influential.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2017-08-25
That would be my guess. The kid doesn't look poor, and if the behavior of the royal family is any indication, you can get away with literally anything in Saudi Arabia if you have enough money. But then I suppose that last part is true of the entire planet to some degree.

tesla_weapon - 2017-08-25

too soon?
Rafiki - 2017-08-25
Fat kid in collared shirt with gym shorts doing the Macarena...

Five for not being American.
Hooker - 2017-08-26
He should have been arrested for that outfit.
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