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Desc:Sony drops another steamer, this time cashing in on the easiest marks of all.
Category:Crime, Religious
Tags:christmas, sony, lol xians, the barrel with no bottom
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 13
Stephen Yuen, eh? Glad to see his career is taking off.
Crab Mentality
In Theaters This Holiday Season
I can't breathe.

I'm legitimately offended and after three viewings I still can't pinpoint why.

Five stars!
Born in the RSR
So we're just going to glance over the fact that Mary was 12 when she married Joseph, and that she was his third wife?

This is not canon!
Seven Arts/H8 Red
I guess this is The Jim Henson Company's "can't even bother with the 'honouring our dad's work' facade anymore, let's slap the name on some shit" period.
At least it's the biggest, steamiest, pile of shit around!


If they get Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to voice baby Jesus, he'll have nailed the Demi-god trifecta.
Jesus Fucking Christ.
Do they make these movies entirely automated with algorithms now?
William Burns
That's what 9-11 means to me my love
No Kirk Cameron?
Really, Oprah? You don't need the money. You're not particularly Christian.
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